Update on the Parental Location Changes...

This weekend is the "change of address" move for Mom and Dad. By Sunday evening they, the dogs, and the rabbit will be situated in their new home. We will be pooling our resources people wise and moving all the big stuff- fridge, stove, bed room furniture, guest room furniture- and getting it put together and in place in the new house.

Tuesday morning- I spent a long three hours pruning bushes, weeding flowers beds, and clearing brush from the roadside in order to see a good distance from the driveway so as to not have one of them get smacked by and on coming tractor:) I then had to go home and shower since the mystery vine I ripped out from the foundation wall was indeed poison ivy! ACK!!

I returned a couple hours later to find that my mom's entire art class, comprised of twelve ladies, had all showed up with cleaning products and paint in tow. We then commenced scrubbing, bleaching, stripping old contact paper from the shelves, painting cabinets, painting the bathroom, and unpacking the boxes already brought over there. By five that evening- the house was cleaned and food move in ready. Amazing what a dozen women and determination can accomplished in five hours:)

I am feeling better about this change in life. The hopeful look in Dad's eyes that he now has "a project" to work on for the next 20 years makes it easier. Providing help to my parents, another soothing aspect in spite of stressful arguments with Dad about what will and won't be done right away. If lifting boxes, lugging furniture, and cleaning to my heart's content provides help in their transition- so be it. I can do that!!

Hubby and I will be gaining a big benefit from all this... A new furnace. Ours is old- REALLY OLD. A massive octopus of asbestos shrouded pipes, gravity fed, archaic machinery, that- while it still works- and has provided little problem in it's 50 years of service to this house, may fail someday. And if it does- we will have a really new, more efficient, forced air system we can bring in from the garage and plug into it's place:) Removal of it from Mom and Dad's basement will be happening on either the 13th or 14th.

And for clarification- my parents have until the 24th of this month to vacate the house- entirely. This move this weekend is to make the new house, their new home. The process of sorting, boxing, and transporting the remainder of their belongings will be over the course of the new few weeks. As well as my digging up and salvaging what I want from Mom's gardens, as we have a temporary location tilled up in the back yard to store the new plants until we can make new gardens next spring. They just want to move in and settle this weekend. Neither place feels like home right now, they are both in limbo- this weekend will end that part of the transition...


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