Update? No- Ketchup Time!!!

Why I should not be left alone with Halloween Candy..
End of date night with Hubby at Artprize- me with my arm around another man! Who just so happens to be on TV guessing at the weather, but is extremely fun to look upon and is STUPID TALL!!! For reference- I am 5'8" or 5'10" (depending on which gas station I am leaving...). The top of my blonde little head is directly in live with his shoulder!!!
Spent another evening with my favorite model type friends again! We had a bloody good time (keep tuned in for more details on what I meant coming soon). We goofed around, they sat there looking all beautiful, and made a royal mess of things when the shoot really got going!!! I certainly had a fun hangover Sunday morning. Not booze related- just too much stress relieving, Monster fueled fun!!!

This is Eli- and he is beautiful.

Me and the lovely Candice!

 Sssshhh- their texting each other :)
I cleaned out my back pack today. My daily, work, play, photo shoot back pack. This is all the shit I've been carrying daily! No kidding my left shoulder is messed up!!!
 In this photo: The offending monster back pack; a can of Monster, Canon 10D camera; Nikon L-120 camera; cards for both; spare batteries for both; spare comfy slip on shoes; scarf (Boobie Cancer awareneass pink); hand made camera padded camera strap cover (black hanky)...
Camera remote shutter release; lens cleaner wipes; lens cleaning clothes; lens debris air puffing brush; three granola bars; one Metrex meal bar; honeycrisp apple; two packs of gum; two business card cases; BOO pin; Carmes lotion; heavy glove that turn into mittens (black); "dressy" spider web fingerless gloves.... 
 Ginger chews for upset tummy while riding in the car; 160 Gb iPod w/ hyper great ear buds; check book (brown) daily wallet (skull and cross bones- great $5 dollar store find); five lighters (silve one being eight years old and considered my lucky lighter); floral mini notebook; ciggy case; various change; and $14 dollars in gold $1 coins from parking ramps during Artprize. There would also be a deep sprakly purple Droid LG Lucid phone, but I had to take the picture somehow :)
Parental Update: Mom and Dad started the official "living in" phase of the foreclosure induced change on Saturday after all major appliances were moved in, along with clothing, bedding, spices, and food stuffs. After we the moving crew (comprised of a few of little brother's fire fighting buddies, Globug, Hubby, and Myself) all left; they moved the cat Elvira in, Satellite the rabbit, and the three dogs- Widget, Dancer, and Dusty. It's my understanding that their first living in the house day yesterday was spent with taking another load from the old house to there, Dad puttering about talking to himself about ancient electrical wiring practices while hanging towel bars, a shower caddy, new light fixtures; while Mom unpacked boxes and got the bathroom in organized chaos at least.
A little information has been glenaed as to exactly how "old" the house may be. My mom has an old atlas of our county that dates 1876. In was done in pen and ink, by hand with an old leather binding that has all but fallen apart. The house is in it! While I was looking around the attic of the place two weeks ago- I found an old ladies funeral bonnet; gas light pipes and fixtures; letters; book pages; and the best find--- crystal from an old gas light powered candelier!!! Honestly, the main, living floor looks to be dated in the 1950's. If you open the door and walk up the stairs to the second floor- your drop right back into the 1910's, smell, wallpaper, wooden doors, floors, lathe and plaster walls!!! Is is haunted, might be a question you all ask?
Um..... That would be... Hells yes!!! But from what I can tell- not by anyone mean or malicious. Just the elderly woman that lived and potentially died there. And a pair of children that are still "playing" in the attic. The little boy looks identical to my oldest nephew and a little girl with black ringlet hair, freckles, and blue eyes. But she appears gaunt and sickly, potentially with TB... I'm ceratin there are more ghosts, and the closer it gets to Halloween- the more they will become obvious. It probably doens't help that this house is not a quarter of a mile from the oldest cemetery in this part of the county- where the passed members of my father's family are currently residing.


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