Franken--- I See What You Did There!

To “Frankstein” something: an amalgamation of numerous objects mish-mashed together to fashion one whole thing. I.E. Frankenstein, the monster. He was comprised of numerous pieces and parts of human flesh sewn together by the spooky doctor Viktor in order to create a “living” creature.

Frankenstorm: a weather situation that has rarely been seen- EVER. The deadly combination of three serious weather systems to create “The Perfect Storm”. They made a movie about that once. Mark Walberg and George Clooney died on a fishing boat in the Atlantic Ocean of Glouster, Maine. Didn’t end well. At all. For anyone.

I will admit, I am addicted to the television coverage. Normally, a Catergory 1 Hurricane- Bah! Not much but a little wind, lots of rain… But hell- when I lived in North Carolina, we still went out to dinner and to the movies! And then we got really, really drunk. This isn’t JUST a Cat 1 storm, this is much much more. And as they are hyping on all the news media outlets- this storm is barreling in on a highly populated, low lying part of our country that never sees storms like this! Lower Manhattan has been evacuated! They will be closing all the major bridges and tunnels in NYC as of 2pm today due to high winds and flooding due to the full moon swollen high tides. All mass transit for NYC has been shut down. And worse then all that? Starbucks is closed!! Poor, poor people…

I will create a new term… “Franken-geddon” Because, let’s face it, that’s what this will be by the time we all wake up on Wednesday morning. Three huge weather systems creating a variation of the apocalypse, made worse by the monthly full moon. Shit, let’s just add to that a few waves of zombies and get it over with!

We here in Michigan will be effected as well. Not as bad as the East Coast obviously… We have been under high wind warnings since 8pm last night. The wave forecast for the Great Lakes region has been predicted between 15-25 foot waves. So I am constantly checking the wave reports for Lake Michigan. As soon as the wave number gets high enough to compensate for the gas used to get to Grand Haven… My camera and I will be water side snapping pictures as fast as possible J


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