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Franken--- I See What You Did There!

To “Frankstein” something: an amalgamation of numerous objects mish-mashed together to fashion one whole thing. I.E. Frankenstein, the monster. He was comprised of numerous pieces and parts of human flesh sewn together by the spooky doctor Viktor in order to create a “living” creature.
Frankenstorm: a weather situation that has rarely been seen- EVER. The deadly combination of three serious weather systems to create “The Perfect Storm”. They made a movie about that once. Mark Walberg and George Clooney died on a fishing boat in the Atlantic Ocean of Glouster, Maine. Didn’t end well. At all. For anyone.
I will admit, I am addicted to the television coverage. Normally, a Catergory 1 Hurricane- Bah! Not much but a little wind, lots of rain… But hell- when I lived in North Carolina, we still went out to dinner and to the movies! And then we got really, really drunk. This isn’t JUST a Cat 1 storm, this is much much more. And as they are hyping on all the news media outlets- this storm is bar…

Update? No- Ketchup Time!!!

Why I should not be left alone with Halloween Candy..
End of date night with Hubby at Artprize- me with my arm around another man! Who just so happens to be on TV guessing at the weather, but is extremely fun to look upon and is STUPID TALL!!! For reference- I am 5'8" or 5'10" (depending on which gas station I am leaving...). The top of my blonde little head is directly in live with his shoulder!!! Spent another evening with my favorite model type friends again! We had a bloody good time (keep tuned in for more details on what I meant coming soon). We goofed around, they sat there looking all beautiful, and made a royal mess of things when the shoot really got going!!! I certainly had a fun hangover Sunday morning. Not booze related- just too much stress relieving, Monster fueled fun!!!
This is Eli- and he is beautiful.

Me and the lovely Candice!
 Sssshhh- their texting each other :)
I cleaned out my back pack today. My daily, work, play, photo shoot back pack. This…

Update on the Parental Location Changes...

This weekend is the "change of address" move for Mom and Dad. By Sunday evening they, the dogs, and the rabbit will be situated in their new home. We will be pooling our resources people wise and moving all the big stuff- fridge, stove, bed room furniture, guest room furniture- and getting it put together and in place in the new house.

Tuesday morning- I spent a long three hours pruning bushes, weeding flowers beds, and clearing brush from the roadside in order to see a good distance from the driveway so as to not have one of them get smacked by and on coming tractor:) I then had to go home and shower since the mystery vine I ripped out from the foundation wall was indeed poison ivy! ACK!!

I returned a couple hours later to find that my mom's entire art class, comprised of twelve ladies, had all showed up with cleaning products and paint in tow. We then commenced scrubbing, bleaching, stripping old contact paper from the shelves, painting cabinets, painting the bathroom,…