It's Been Awhile!!!

First and foremost... I got's me a big girl camera!!! A Canon 10D with a kick ass Tameron 24-135MM lens, with cap, plus a filter, plus a card reader, plus the software, PLUS the books, so I can read up on a cold rainy day like today and learn how to use it! Well worth the drive to the Lakes Mall yesterday and an unbelievably small amount of cash I'd say. Goddess bless Craig's List!

I have been playing with doing selective coloring on photos a lot lately... These are from the Detroit Ruins pictures that I cannot stop messing with!
These were shot by the other photographer MG in Detroit. But I have done the editing :) Censored for the interwebs of course!!! (Clears throat and adapts best circus announcer's voice ) "Behold the stunning, powerful, red head Kirin!!"

The first shot, not selective colored, but wicked cool and honestly, I think I'm a little in love with. This could be one of the best body scapes I've shot. The model is LC, a friend of my cousin's that I shot the last day of July.

Another reason I have been remiss from the blog-o-sphere... Our new family member, a 9 year old Austrailian Shepard by the name of Sienna.
Sienna LOVES car rides, walks in nature parks, and Mc Donald's hamburgers (ketchup only). She HATES thunderstorms and not being able to sleep in between us each and every night.
She smiles too! Yes, this is a smile. This is her happy face... And yes, it still scares the shit out of me upon occasion- like when she climbs up in my lap while watching TV and does this exactly two inches from my face with a little grumble in her throat.

Sienna also climbs fallen down trees and loves to watch Hubby cook on the grill, from her perch known to most as the top of the picnic table.

I have gotten a couple great nature shots that I just cannot write a blog about and not show off :)  

A pleasant surprise came on Wednesday when by the help of a few co-workers, Hubby got to burn a little PTO and spend the day he is usually on a 24 hour shift, home with me. Well, we didn't stay home all day, exactly. We drove to Kalamazoo to see "FiFi"

"FiFi" is the world's last flying B-29 Superfortress Bomber Plane. 

My big take away from a few hours walking around the Air Zoo? Other then pictures?
Astronaut ice cream!!! My god I could live on this stuff! Hint Hint... My birthday in October 17th, and I like the Neapolitan kind!!! 

School supplies make me happy inside! All those virgin notebooks, and brand new un-sharpened pencils... And the glossy colorful binders.... Oh goodness. I must contain myself :)

Personally- if I don't end up voting for Obi Wan Kenobi in November, I'm voting for this guy! Ooohh.... WAIT! Obi Wan Kenobi for President, Ash for VP! Hells yes! Ruling the free world from outer space & S-Mart!!!

But, I must step away from the keyboard for awhile... I need to do some house cleaning before the busy weekend ahead, laundry, and make hummingbird nectar for the cold wet buzzing little bird's tummies. At last count we had six flying around the empty feeder...


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