This morning- I woke up to a phone call about this... My brother's accident while trying to avoid a pair of deer, en route to a massive fire in Allendale shortly after 6am.
The words from my father "You brother was in an accident..." Have a single incident history in where he was lucky to have survived. So imagine my reaction to the phone call this morning. He is fine. The only injuries sustained were to his truck and his pride.

A picture I took of the texture of our sycamore tree's trunk. It looked really cool! Then I saw the super creepy skeleton face while photo editing this morning!!!

Last Thursday night, Hubby and I had a date night at the Berlin Fair. Wednesday was close to 101 degrees. So imagine our relief when it was 59 degrees, cloudy and rainy Thursday evening!  loved the fact I was covered in goosebumps and shivering!!!
From the left upper:
 These were guinea pigs running loose in a paddock with their bigger cousins the Cavvi's. I felt so horrible for them it made me cry and miss our piggies who were at home, nestled in clean warm pine bedding, eating watermelon chunks with the radio on. 
A four horned Ram- that is just super cool!! Insert pervy joke here ________________.
Pile o'lambs!!!
Eager baby goat poking his head through the bottom of the hay manger.
From the upper left:
Long faces featuring really big horse & super cute goat. Why the long faces?
Because they too saw these ladies!! Yes, the below in the animal category, why? The guttural grunts and lung taffy coughs produced by "bunched up gray shorts" and the over all um.... stin- er, perfume of "flat butt".
So cute... So fuzzy... If only they stayed that way :)

We had a great time watching dogs mis behaved and ignore their masters commands and or completely soak the smaller already shivering children in the front row at the Ultimate Air Dogs performance.
Yesterday we built, painted and hung the new shutters all the way around the house!! My back still really, really, REALLY hurts!!!

The first garlic pulled from our patch! he pocket change gives size reference to the big thing! Isn't it lovely? All stinky and purple and tasty???
Yes, that is a cicada on my finger pretending to be jewelry! His little claw feet tickled so bad!!!

"Bee Butt on Sunflower"

As everyone probably knows by now, I have a smart phone in which I fear I am addicted to. With such phone, I have found all together too much damn fun playing with the "photo shop" apps that you can download for FREE!!!! Combine my photography skills with these funky little fun toys and BAM! Cool pictures and absolutely no battery power!!!

To round out this overly photo filled blog... The last three weeks in my 365 Themes project!!


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