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Ruins of the Golden Age...

Quick- when I say Detroit… What are the first things that pop into your mind? The Big Three Auto Makers, the Tigers, the Red Wings, Crime, Violence… Did I hit the nail on the head?
On Saturday- Kirin and I went out into the big world on our first official photo oriented road trip! We chatted; we bonded even more than before on the long stretches of highway on our way to Detroit. I’ve only been there probably once that you can even count, and then it was for a hockey game on the far western edge of the city. This trip took us through the heart of the city, or rather what could be considered the heart on Hospice Care.
Being a born and raised Michigan girl, I know I have fallen victim to the concept of “Detroit is big and bad and scary…” But after this weekend- I can honestly say I have a new bundle of feelings for that town in the lower right corner of the Mitten.
The main location we stayed in, is the neighborhood of the photographer (we’ll call him MG) we drove there to have shoot Kirin.…


This morning- I woke up to a phone call about this... My brother's accident while trying to avoid a pair of deer, en route to a massive fire in Allendale shortly after 6am. The words from my father "You brother was in an accident..." Have a single incident history in where he was lucky to have survived. So imagine my reaction to the phone call this morning. He is fine. The only injuries sustained were to his truck and his pride.
A picture I took of the texture of our sycamore tree's trunk. It looked really cool! Then I saw the super creepy skeleton face while photo editing this morning!!!
Last Thursday night, Hubby and I had a date night at the Berlin Fair. Wednesday was close to 101 degrees. So imagine our relief when it was 59 degrees, cloudy and rainy Thursday evening!  loved the fact I was covered in goosebumps and shivering!!! From the left upper:  These were guinea pigs running loose in a paddock with their bigger cousins the Cavvi's. I felt so horrible fo…

Hot... Too Hot...

It's Saturday. My hubby is at work, courtesy of a wee morning hour phone call from dispatch. He was upset, yet we made no really plans for today since it is his weekend on call and it's to damn hot to even breath outside right now.

I lived in North Carolina. Down there it was 95 plus degrees with 80 percent humidity from April till October, and yes I got used to it. But we also had the ocean and it's cooling effects when you went to the beach. Plus I was littler then- by like a lot. Right now, when you step out the door it is stifling! The sun burns against your skin even if you're out there for ten minutes or an hour. You break a sweat standing outside to fill the bird feeders. My gardens need weeding but I cannot imagine doing it right now.

So instead... I am writing a blog. Giving myself a manicure and pedicure. The mud mask is coming up. Sunscreen + sweat= YUCK!!! I am working on organizing and updating my calendar on my phone, planning ahead for photo shoots and s…