Weekend People Watching

Before it even began- I caught a couple really cool nature shots- I've never photographed a yellow Monarch Butterfly before! And the bumblebee- just cool, don't you think?

At these, what Hubby and I call "demos", I entertain myself during the slow periods by people watching- or eating carnival food- or dribbling snow cones on myself- or buying nifty jewelery at the craft booths. This year, none of the above activities let me down.

I got a cool painted tee shirt, two necklaces filled with religious icons (I have no idea, I'm blaming it on a surfacing past life I had being a Catholic nun), a turquoise Burton tank top picked up for $17 bucks when the tag originally said $55, repeated tummy fillings of pizza by the slice, snow cones (margarita and pink champagne- my two new favorite flavors), and three large prime rib sammiches layered with sauteed mushrooms and a squirt of dijon mustard.

The only downer? The blasted heat! Sitting under a white vinyl tent for eight hours on Friday and fourteen hours on Saturday felt like sitting in a blast furnace- the breeze was a welcome relief when it was there, but I was a tad moody pretty much the whole time. Why? Other then the heat- my monthly decided this was the weekend to make a visit.... Need I say more?

I love these two women's styles- tween punk summer rebellion and the bohemian beauty...

Other than her style, I also liked how she wasn't afraid of being herself- she laughed like a drunk sailor, cursed like I do, she was barefoot, and carrying a coffee bag (think brown burlap) for a purse.

My refuge in the alley just down the block from us- towering walnut trees above offering shade, solitude, and a place to hide for a little while.

She does amazing airbrush artwork on blank white tee shirts each year. And each year I end up buying a design from her. This year- doves flying across a grey/pink fog on my tee shirt.

Just such a classy look amongst the sweaty, grumpy, frumpy soccer moms and teenage angst. Her look was as refreshing as a snow cone.

His thighs were so massive- he walked like he shit himself. His arms looked like some Jurassic creatures wings. His wife? A frumpy, nothing to look at woman. Huh??? Shouldn't he be married to- oh, I don't know... Soccer bitch Barbie???

Another spot found for quiet moments amongst the noise and crowds- an herbal garden behind a little knick-knack shop.

Near the end of the night on Saturday- after enduring six hours of a tiny trickle of people coming to our booth- we decided 9pm was the time in which we would shut things down. We were all hot, tired, sweaty, and in no mood to endure anymore people. Boy were we wrong. At 9pm everyone decided that was the time to buy a bike helmet! Seriously! We fit about 15 kids, plus parents for helmets in the span of twenty minutes while people that had stopped to hang with us in the tent starting breaking things down for us- if not, we'd never have gotten out of there.

The crowd cleared and it was all hands on deck to get stuff packed and put away. A bitch monster of a woman- she just looked like she was born pissed off, stormed up to the tent. "You'll be here tomorrow, right?" She barked. "No ma'am. This is our last night. But I can fit your kids for helmets now if you'd like, we still have some out-," I reply before getting cut off with this- "WELL! What the hell am I going to do now, you fucking bitch!" as she storms off. I was stunned! As were the six people around me. I'm shocked that I didn't let her all out have it, I just couldn't. I was stunned by her attack for no reason other then she was abused as a child and never told how to be polite. Good luck raising your kids to be decent humans- you fucking bitch!!

The flowers on this tree smelled like fruitloops cereal. A little over powering in the 90 degree heat, but very beautiful to look upon.

Miami Vice- the younger variation. Crocket and Tubbs called boys- you broke curfew and violated every fashion law know to upper class communities.

Madonna- local style on the left. Cute blonde with a neat outfit on the right. What got cut out from the picture, the striped skirt blonde's pissed off boyfriend and crying kid.

This guy had stones! Big ones! I first noticed his style- all out alternative punk. Hubby burst into laughter when he read this guys shirt. I literally chased him a block to get a good clean shot of both sides of his shirt. Second- to wear a shirt like this in the uptight upper middle class town we were in- that's the BIG STONES part. Epic!!

One of about only six shots I got of the fireworks before my camera batteries died.

And it dawned on me over the course of the weekend, that I haven't post any of my most recent 365 theme weeks since Doggie-Pup left us. So- here are weeks 12, 13, 14, & 15.

Today- I am catching up on emails, writing this blog, and hiding from the 86 degrees my thermometer says it is outside. I already cleaned the pig beds, vaccumed, got a bale of hay for the piggies from the barn, cleaned the bathroom and litter bow (stinky! STINKY!). I got caught up on photo editing yesterday while doing seven loads of laundry & hanging on the line to dry. Along with venturing into the 90 degree heat to get groceries.

I think I'm going to take a cool shower (I feel gross and I took one this morning at 7am) and probably get back to work on a super cool scene that popped into my head last week for the second MEDICS book. Wanna teaser???

            “Officer Ackley, been a while, hasn’t it?”

He looked at his watch and smiled, “About ten minutes, I’d say,” he continued to grin, “How do you guys do it?”

“What’s that?” she asked, pulling two bottles of water from the cooler.

“Deal with people like that all the time?”

“Oh, Grammie that wouldn’t eat a candy bar for her son, but would for us? Happens all the time,” Charlie sighed, “Women do all sorts of things when Mac puts on that smile of his. And if happens to get us out of a transport for a low blood sugar- all the better. I have a feeling she would have been whining the whole way back to Memorial.”

“You keep that Callahan in line, you hear me?” he chuckled as he headed to the register.

“Will do, Officer. See you later,” Charlie smirked, looking at the rack of pre-wrapped cupcakes and snacks.

“Most likely- I’m on all night tonight.”

She picked up a pack of Mac’s favorite orange cupcakes filled with sugary cream before heading to the register herself, watching Officer Ackley walk through the doors into the hot sunshine of the afternoon. The cashier had just started ringing up Charlie’s items when there were three firecracker pops, following instantly by one of the plate glass store front windows fracturing and blowing into the store. On instinct Charlie dropped to the tiled floor, looking in the direction of the window that had just exploded. People screamed and hit the floor, the cashier crouching behind the counter. Charlie got to her feet again and picked up her portable radio, quickly stepping towards the vacant window slot, glass crunching under her boots.

“Medic 13 dispatch,” her voice broke as she saw Officer Ackley on the ground next to his cruiser. Shouts and cursing pulled her attention from Officer Ackley to see Mac pinning a man face down to the asphalt, wrestling to keep his arms pinned behind his back only a few yards away.

“Dispatch- Medic 13, did you have traffic?”

“Shots fired, officer down at the Citgo station. Intersection of Highway 11 and 117. Priority one,” her voice broke, seeing blood pooling under the motionless body of the officer.

“Medic 13? Repeat your traffic-,”

“Officer down, priority one!! Suspect is in custody. Highway 11 and 117. Send me everybody, now!”


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