Then There Was Peace...

Life... To say the least, has been Nuckin' Futs. Last week, amid the blast furnace heat- was dedicated to editing phots since it was too damned hot outside to do anything else. On Wednesday, however- things took a serious turn for the sad. I drove down to K'zoo to be the support system for when she put her beloved cat Loki to sleep. I then brought him home in the kitty casket built by Hubby the night before. Driving that far (about an hour) with no air conditioning other then open windows- sucks. I won't lie.

Friday, I assisted in a photoshoot with a lovely young lady and Mr. Dave, but prior to her photo shoot- there was one of my own. For I wanted professional- not done by myself head shots.
To look the professional...
That I clearly am not...

The final picture chosen for my Model Mayhem Profile-

Last night was another round of super secret on location shooting assistant and "speacial effects" work- we met up at 8pm. Finished about 2am. That there was long ass night!! But these are pictures of where I was- because it was night time, I am never down there at night, at the city looked pretty damn cool.
The Grand Rapids Art Museum @ night.

Where all the city based radio stations are.

The Amway Grand Plaza aka wedding F***in' central last night (slanty top) and the JW Marriot (oval looking one)

The city streets and the B.O.B (Big Old Building- no joke. That's the name of it)

Under a Bridge- down by the river! It kinda smelled of pee, dead fish, and creepiness.

The J.W. Marriot at night (blue one) and the slightly less visible Amway Grand (just to the left)

Parking in GR on a Saturday, when everyone decided- hey lets get married today & party downtown!!! Sucked ass. I found a spot, but unfortuately then found out that I cannot parallel park to save my fucking life. What made it worse? The drunk as shit assholes from a wedding in the GRAM making fucking fun of me. I wanted to bash their skulls in! With a phonebook! And my make-up kit!!!

Needless to say, I am not the "stay up late" type anymore. I fell into bed next to sleeping Hubby around 2:30 this morning, and woke up around 9, feeling like a truck ran me over... Not a good feeling. So now I am finishing up this blog to continue cleaning the house, doing laundry, and so on. Plus, I just got a phone call that I have a last minute photo shoot tonight at seven to prep for.


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