Oh Holy Photos!

For everyone that got yestersday post in an e-mail and said e-mail was blank- I dunno what happened. Go to the actual site for the blog- www.ladyinkblot.blogspot.com and check it out there. I have not a clue as to why it didn't post in the e-mails but posted on the site... Technology- HA!

As promised- a massive photo update!! Complete with captions! How nifty is that?

The delicious aroma of these peonies scented the kitchen the bathroom and the bedroom for week! Love them! I think they are my summer replacement for lilacs:)

Just one of many shots of the koi from Meijer Gardens

Our new "pet" Show Off the hummingbird. Seems he likes me a lot. He has been known to sit on my foot while I garden outside and always greets me in the morning when I first step outside with a close fly by to the face.

I don't know why, but I thought my foot was cute

The color of these deep amethyst veined sage colored ferns was just too cool to not photograph.

Another koi from the other day, but this time not only did I tweak the phot a bit- but you can also see that the water ripples actually do form a yin yang! Wicked.

Mmmmmm- coconut cupcake with a lemoney butter cream frosting

Hubby's Mezza plate from La Pita. Filled with Fatoosh salad (with the lettuce); Babaganoush (hummus with veggies, spices tha thas a deep smokey flavor); regular hummus; and a to DIE for Tabouli (a salad made of chopped cucumbers, maters, quinoa, and oodles of finely chipped parsley dressed with lemon juice and olive oil)

And these are from my Instagram-
Date night with Hubby at out favorite Chinese place

In the midst of sorting and editing 1700 pictures of Kirin- eating Twizzlers. Because don't all great photo editors swear by Twizzlers? No? They should.

Peonies edited by Instagram

My summer stock pile of reading material- yes Sherlock all 4 novels and the "Shades of Grey" Trilogy. Goddess bless you Amazon.com
Hubby made pizzas on the grill... DELICIOUS!

Hubby and were both restless after our dinner of homemade Naan bread, Butter Chicken (no butter actually used in the recipe) and steamed rice. We make Indian food a lot. It's tasty. Anyways- so were went for a good long walk in our neighborhood right around sunset.

Monday was the first day of Hubby's new shift bid- meaning his schedule is all changed now. Instead of his 24 hour shift being on Thursday- its now on Wednesday. Since there is absolutely nothing on television on Wednesday night- I think I will be starting my sumer reading program tonight. Hopefully- I will finally finish reading my brain candy- Richard Castle's (yes, that "writer" on TV played by Nathan Fillion) third book "Naked Heat". Then I think I will start "Shades of Grey" book 1. Like I've said before- I bought the series for a great deal on Amazon just to see what all the fuss is about.

So far today- I spruced up my hair (with a box. I usually use vodka, lemon juice, and the sun- but we're out of vodka) to a nice macadamia shade of blonde and trimmed almost an inch and a half of junk split ends off the bottom. I have no layers so trimming it myself isn't a problem- save for the sore shoulders acting double jointed in order to cut the back using two mirrors. I think I'm going to do a facial, a manicure, and a pedicure yet today.

This weekend is the annual adventure known as the Start of Summer Celebration. I take this yearly chance as an oppertunity to people watch & photograph, and hang out with a really great group of police officers (Officer Dimples, Officer McHottie, Officer Smart Ass, and Officer Really Tall) and fire fighters from the area. The people watching is phenominal! I almost forgot about "Sexy as Hell Mime" guy!! Plus- it can be considered one of the only weekends Hubby and I really go glutton on cheap carnival food. We pretty much sustain ourselves on Vitale's pizza, Hubby loves the prime rib sammiches, elephant ears, and I need to break my record of six snow cones this year. Given the weather forecast- I might just need that- 90 plus degrees.

Get ready for a blog next week filled with photos and observations of humanity at it's "finest".


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