Needs ta Ketchup!!!

I have not, on purpose, been invisible. Honest. I have been addicted ot my new smart phone- adding apps, getting rid of apps, and playing on Instagram WWWAAAYYY too much!! Saturday, Kirin and I, started an super secret adventure- meeting awesome new people and having a shit ton o'fun! I can't say anymore then that- right now. Confidentiality agreement and such- but I did fall in lust with a gorgeous man named Eli. Oh holy god- he's funny, gorgeous... Swoon! Not only that- but Hubby and I got to see our favorite crazy Canadian again!!!

Sunday- Hubby and I went to the Gardens. We ended up walking virtually the entire sculpture park and I took loads of pictures! Gotta love it! We had lunch there before we left- Hubby getting a gourmet version of a tuna salad sammich on fancy bread whilst I devoured a delectable Tandoori Chicken sammich with mint, cilantro dressing on fluffy warm Naan bread.

Upon getting home- it became subtlely obvious that perhaps the tasty sammich wasn't going to completely agree with me. Maybe- we haven't really figured out the cause as of yet. For dinner- Hubby made us pizzas on the grill. That- was unbelievably good! I had fresh portabellas, fresh basil, artichoke hearts, green olives, and mozza cheese on mine... Heaven!!!! At the end of our evening, we sat back with easy squeeze pina coladas from Daily's we bought at the grocery store- this we think is the likely cause for what happened.

At 1am- technically Monday morning- it began. And it didn't stop until about- well, my first solid meal I actually kept inside of me was 6pm last night, so I guess that's when it stopped. I had food poisioning. Like bad. Super bad. Super-duper suck-tas-tic bad!!! I won't go into all the gross details- but it wasn't pretty. I didn't sleep a lot. I ate half a bottle of TUMS and three forkfuls of pickled ginger slices over the course of the early morning Monday and nothing settled. I tried eating lunch around 1pmp yesterday- and it left half an our later. Last night Hubby and I tried the new Medditerrean place near GVSU and fell in love. Apparently all you need to do when you have serious food poisioning is eat A LOT of tabouli and hummus!! It cured me!

So- since I spent all day outside working in the gardens- avoiding how hungry I was and the uslessness in eating anything- I didn't get caught up on photos from the weekend. I didn't get my latest 365 theme pictures done yet either- that's on the list for today. Instead of more recent photos- here's a little photo update from the past week or so- kinda.

These are the roses out front tha thaven't bloomed in two years- guess they are happy now.

Portraits of men that served at our local Memorial day parade.

I couldn't resist photographing Dimples the clown- the colors, that sky behind him... Gorgeous!

This is one of many baby bunners we have here at the house- we've nicknamed this one Jumpstart. Wonder why?
Oh yeah- and I got some more wicked lightning shots!!!

Another reason I have been really busy is that of paranoia. Recently- there's been a couple of jackass's breaking into homes in my area. They knock- if you answer- they say they are lost and ask for directions. If you don't answer- they kick in the door and rip you off. In and out in 5 minutes- grabbing whatever is out in the open. They have been getting two or three houses a day. So- I've been home a lot. Watching my neighbors houses, a lot.

I really do hope they break in here while I'm am home. My "toy" is locked and loaded and ready to rock 'n roll. If they come into my house- I will shoot first, call 9-1-1 later- when they stop twitching. Someone needs to stop these assholes! I know how to get blood out of the carpet :)

Anyhoo- I gots lots of pictures to catch up on, so I will probably post another blog tomorrow :)


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