I am not going to lie to you all... I feel like poop today.

My wonderful BFF Mouse stayed over last night and I gave her the first ever Indian food she's tasted- Chicken Tikka Masala with steamed rice and the uber tasty homemade tortillas my Hubby made. Added to it, LOTS fo cilantro and Greek yogurt. We were both sad when we couldn't finish what was left on our plates :(

Before dinner, she and I took in a nature walk at my parents, back in their woods. That was fun. I took lots of pictures (as always) and here on the blog are a few shot from last night. After dinner and once we figured out nothing was on TV last night- Mouse and I sat down at the computer and worked on a couple playlists- she's just as, if not more musically intune then I. So who better fitting to help me tweak my "Storm Chasing" playlist and help along in the recreation of the "Inappropriate On Scene" playlist.

This morning, however, a new beast has risen. My body is on revolt. My wonderful wonder that is female in nature is slowly ripping my insides apart. I hurt. I'm tired. I'm nausea filled. Not cool. As soon as my tummy settles from the tasty breakfast I fashioned for myself, I'm going to take my vitamans (to hopefully give me energy because coffee ain't doing it.). And thus far, going into the public world to buy Monster wouldn't be good- I'm too moody and able to rip someone's head off for no reason.

Hopefully- I can force myself from the menstral fog and general ickiness involved to perk up for the severe weather we are due later today and into tonight. The last round of lightning pictures wasn't as great as I'd hoped so I need to take photos. Hubby should be getting home soon and he's absolutely whipped from work. And I don't blame him- I think he's been on the truck almost or over 100 hours since getting home from training last week. And they've all been shifts at the busiest station- the one that never sleeps.

If it wasn't for the need to go out and buy food for the piggies and our dinner tonight- I think we'd both curl up in our little den we call home and hide all day long...


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