Spoiler Alert!!!

I know I'm late, but it's been an emotional whirwind here at the house. That and I have been keeping myself distracted from the pain of losing Doggie-Pup by gardening. Wow- is all I can say, honestly. Never have I accomplished so much gardening in an entire summer much less in one week!!!

Add to that, Saturday I shot photos of my nephew's soccer game, a hot rod car show, and Kirin's 1700 photo spectacular- stay tuned for pics later this week!!!

As for the title of this post- here's my review of both the NCIS season finale and Grey's Anatomy...

First NCIS- I cried. A lot. Both Hubby and I shed tears, both for being emotional wrecks and anything remotely sad evokes the tears easily- but really? Ducky? They off'd him via heart attack on a beautiful beach that reminded me all too much of Onslow Beach in NC on Camp Lejuene. But then you never get to see if Jethro and Abby and Tony and Ziva are okay after the bomb went off??? Epic not cool!!! They never should have had Ducky talking about his wealth and will power of attourny going to Jethro! Damn them!!!

Grey's Anatomy... Holy WTF??? Sure, it was a 2 parter- here we were getting ready to kiss off the majority of the cast due to them all moving to different hospitals- but then the airplane crashes somewhere between Seattle and Boise? Carrying on it- the majority of the major cast!

How does the episode end for the nex 3 months? Lexi is dead. Mark Sloane will probably die. Arizona is coughing up blood- she'll probably die. Derek will most likely lose one of his multi-million dollar surgury hands (without taking his shirt off at all this season- something I am also pissed about). Leaving Meredith and Kristina on the verge of nervous breakdowns, having just lost the last remaining match to creat fire with, sustaining themselves on half a stick of gum...

Shit. Three months lost in the forest living on a piece of gum? I sure do hope they find a pack of peanuts somewhere. Or become cannibals... Epic not cool ending to a show that seems to have been sliding rapidly down hill for the past- oh- since they had the re-occuring ghost of Denny Ducet.

Stay tuned peeps... I won't leaving you hanging in the woods near a ripped apart airplane for three months. I will bring you photos galore later this week!!!


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