Memorial Day Weekend Work

Hubby and I have been busy this past weekend. He has been home since Friday afternoon and that's when the ball got rolling. Saturday and Sunday are a blur of at home work projects. He disassembled a grill he found along side the road and created a fabulous outdoor prep table complete with gas burner (this will be great come canning season- no more boiling hot kitchen!). We also cleaned the garage and took three wagons full of crap to the dumpster, including the tractor needed removal of the garbage filled barrel near the garage that was too gross and too heavy to move on our own. Saturday also included the extension of one garden, adding to it about 8 new bearded iris plants. And the beginning of a new garden underneath our lilac trees.

Hubby went to the "Man Store" known to most as the hardware store on Sunday and bought more stuff for more projects! So in the 90 plus degree weather and sun- Hubby and I worked more. I more then tripled the size of the new garden under the lilac trees while he finished work on his new outdoor prep table. Then we re-painted the ceiling in the front hall- after cleaning it out completely and re-organizing it. Plus we painted the front door of the house, making the whole place happier looking! Then it was back to outdoor work- spreading 10 bags of red wood mulch in the front gardens; trimming bushes; weeding gardens; transplanting plants in the new garden; and the construction of the new "outdoor" summer kitchen.

The improved front corner garden, trimmed, weeded, mulched. Plus the rose bush that hasn't bloomed in three years has decided to go gang busters this year!

The new "outdoor summer" kitchen. Top right is the new prep table made from slate scraps, wood scraps, and the skeleton of an old grill. It's the new area to stage and prep food for the kick ass grill we got for free from my brother last year. We cleaned up underneath the picnic table, mulched, and leveled the table with old bricks we had around- now we just have to re-paint it. We tried this out with an impromptu family grill out last night- worked like a dream!!! Fed 8 people with ease!!!

The new shade garden under the lilacs with statuary! At some point this summer, hopefully soon, I will be getting the last piece of sculpture we want for this new garden. In honor of Doggie-Pup/Shadow. I am looking for a cement sculpture of a dog with angel wings. I know they are out there, I just need to find one. She loved the lilacs. Everytime we were outside, you would find her sound asleep in the shade here, or pouting because we had forced her outside into the fresh air and away from her TV and bed.

Yesterday we laid low. We went to the Marne Memorial Day parade with my parents, then to the store to get stuff for the family grill out. During which, at the rumbling sounds of what was a four WWII training aircraft flyovers for the Walker Parade- Hubby went screaming outside while I was nice enough and paid for our groceries before I walked out to take pictures.

Last night, I got a lot of video of the thunderstorms rolling in around ten. We went to bed shortly after but were awakened by a vicious few storms around 1am. We're talking the big white barn on our property got hit by lightning at least once or twice (it has lightning rods thank god), hail, high winds... It was pretty rough. So today I am going to buckle down and work on photos :)


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