So- like a Dumbass...

Color cards displaying paint colors from the hardware store make me super happy!!! Sure- we aren't wanting to paint anything right now, but look at all the crazy possibilities!!!

So, like I hinted at on Twitter and FB- I did some damage to myself trying to catch up and complete a serious batch of photo editing. I cranked out over 1500 edited, tweaked, corrected photos well before a last minute project for the ambulance company Hubby works for. They wanted two of their best and newest vehicles posed in front of thier newest substation done for the annual board meeting on the 26th. Only catch? I had to have then done by today. I actually had them done on Monday, he took the CD and release forms to work yesterday, but never the less. I edited 15 of the best pictures. Then took each of those 15 pictures and placed them on a black background with the appropriate wordage. Then repeated the process with a white background. Only after I created the multi-layer backgrounds themselves... That project alone added another close to 100 photos to the amount I had worked my butt of on the week before hand. Did I mention I had to clone, crop, and tweak out the fact there were two vehicle we couldn't move out of the shots??

But, I am happy to say that I mailed out over 10 CDs of picture to people waiting for their pictures, plus hand decorated envelopes in little over a week and a half. Thus- the pain I put myself through. Not only the twinging headaches that went away with enough Excedrine knock off and the dry eyes from staring at the computer screen for hours on end... But I aggravated my carpal tunnels in both arms. From my elbows to my wrists I ached, throbbed, and went numb on and off. This started Monday afternoon as I was wrapping up the Hubby's work project. Who knew all that computer work could royally mess up the inner workings of one's arms.

I know now!! So I banned myself from any workon the computer yesterday, hoping it would ease the pain I was going through that Iboprophen wouldn't touch. Nore would Tiger Balm, wrist braces, and Bio-Freeze gel. Today my wrists barely hurt, but my left rotator cuff is about killing me. I don't know when or where I messed that stupid thing up, but I do know that it hurts now. It has hurt for at least the last three weeks off and on. Oh well- such as life and growing older right? Parts start to wear out and hurt more then they used too. I should probably make an appiontment to have it checked out- but then again- we all know how well they treat me there at the doctor's right?

Today I have been doing housework that didn't get finished yesterday. Mind you I mowed lawn yesterday, picked up the yard, then Hubby and I hung new clotheslines and pounded the support poles in the ground to hold up the lines once they were loaded with clothes. (Girl with inflamed carpal tunnels pounds heavy metal stakes into ground with big hammer- dumbass award film at 11)... This morning I have washed laundry (had it out on my new clothes lines until the clouded up and got way too windy- now it's in the dryer), picked up the house, done dishes, got suntea brewing on the front porch, and hauled three half wheelbarrow loads of gravel to fill in the holes at the end of my driveway made by the landscaping guys renting out one of my brother's out buildings.

So now that the necessities are all done. I think I am going to go work on a drawing idea I have brewing in my cranium, perhaps work on the "Medics 2" book a bit, and surrender myself to my new addiction- Angry Birds Rio before I drive up and bring Hubby home from work...

Have a great day!!!


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