Not So Well aka Of All the Nerve!!!

I just got home. I am pissed. I am upset. I am furious at the audacity of the bitch (not Dr., BITCH) that I had the great misfortune of dealing with today. I didn't get the procedure done that I had made the appointment for due to the complete stupidity and lack of enthusiasm for simple desk clerks to do their jobs.

Double Disclaimer here... Number one: This blog will speak in depth about a personal choice my husband and I have made in regards to OUR lives. Number two: For the slight possibility there are strict Catholics or other against birth control people that read this blog- skip the judgements you may have after reading this and spare me YOUR ideas about the topic.

Hubby and I, after long conversations and communications, have decided that having children is pretty much a non-option. We consider our pets as our children and are happy with that. I have been on the birth control pill since the age of 18 and due to the length of time I have been on the pill- have been suffering a "mild" side effect to them by way of decreased libido. So Hubby and I decided that getting an IUD would be the best, non-permeanant option for our lives right now. Plus- without those fake hormones in the pill, that perhaps my libido would return.

I went into the doctors today for an appointment I made and verified to have an IUD put into place. No one bothered to tell me when I made the appointment in the first place that our health insurance does not cover that, not to mention that they have to order the device and never did so. When the doctor today requested that information it took the desk clerk exactly five minutes to figure that out! I wasted almost $4 a gallon gas to drive to the office and back for absolutely fucking nothing! Not to mention paying the $15 copay for the office visit that was a utter waste of my time!!!

Here's a little synopsis of how the visit went...
Dr. Bitch "So... Why don't you want to be on the pill anymore?" I explain why. "Okay, well... You are 32 years old, you need to get off birth control." Me- "I understand that."

Dr. Bitch- "Well, you are also considered to be morbidly obese. So maybe if you lost weight and stopped smoking completely that your libido would come back on its own. Have you thought of that?" Me- "I'm morbidly obese? Says who the scale outside the door?" Dr. Bitch- "According to the BMI scale, your are morbidly obese." Me- "Does your antiquated bullshit BMI scale account for muscle mass?" Dr. Bitch- "No." Me- "Does it account for extreme bone density, which I have. Or that fact that I have a very large Dutch skeletal structure?" Dr. Bitch- "Well, not at all..." Me- "Then as far as I am concerned, even though your scale put me at 226 pounds and yes, I jiggle a bit in the tummy area- the rest of me doesn't jiggle, I have A LOT of muscle mass and a huge skeleton- your BMI is utter bullshit and don't bother me with quoting what it says I 'technically' am considered."

Dr. Bitch- "Well, you're insurance won't cover the IUD or the procedure to place it. It will cost between $800 and $1200 dollars. Up front. No payments." Me- "Then I wasted my time and money to be here, we're done." Dr. Bitch- "Well, it's only $1200, why can't you just pay it?" Me- "Because that's two mortgage payments which are a lot more important." Dr. Bitch- "Well, if you stopped smoking completely, you could save up the money for the procedure in no time. Isn't you're libido coming back more important then smoking?" Me- "Who are you to tell me what is and isn't important? Yes, I smoke. A pack lasts me three days, that isn't considered a heavy habit by any means. And I have cut down incredibly from what I used to smoke. I am not proud of the fact I still have that habit, but that my life choice not yours. We are done here simply because of your and the office staff's ineptitude..."

Dr. Bitch- "Well, let's discuss other options a moment. What about a diaphram?" Me-"I am allergic to latex." Dr. Bitch- "What about condoms?" Me- "Allergic to latex and slightly allergic to the non latex condoms." Dr. Bitch- "What about Depovera?" Me- "That shit is garbage that does more harm then good and I refuse to inject that shit into my body and pray that nothing bad will happen. Now I suggest you get the paperwork in order and I am leaving. This was a complete waste of my time. But thank-you for your time." Dr. Bitch- "Well, you seem upset..." Me-"Of course I'm upset! It's stupid to think otherwise! But before I go completely unhinged and release a string of curse words, most of which you've probably never heard and will no doubt get the police called to tend to me, I suggest you let me leave now!"

With that, she surrendered the paperwork, suggesting that I contact the powers that be in control of what is and is not covered in our health insurance and have them sign up and pay more just for me to get the IUD. They won't do that and I will not ask them to! What am I supposed to say? "Yeah so, I really want to want to have sex with my husband and I need an IUD for that, so can you pay extra money per year for me to get it done?" Yea- no. Not gonna happen. So now, given the option of yet another form of the pill, with an extremely low dose of hormones, I may get switched onto after my annual girl exam in June. I guess I will be doing a lot of online research into herbal supplement and/or vitamens that could potentially eased the lack of libido on my end. I love my Hubby and my lack of libido isn't fair at all to him. And it isn't emotional. I can't think of why it possibly could be. Birth control pills lower libido and I'm certain since I have been on them for over ten years now- that's why.

Any ideas on how to Google serach lowered libido and NOT get a shit ton of male enhancement and Viagra ads thrown abck at me???

This is sooooo not a good day...


  1. I would definitely try seeing other doctors. I shopped around quite a lot when I was looking to get a copper IUD. The only thing my insurance covered at the time was insertion, not the device itself. It was pricey, but it was worth it.

    I would really suggest going for the IUD instead of supplements/etc. My libido got back to normal after I stopped with the hormonal BC. is a great community for IUD questions/support. Good luck! I know it can be really frustrating. I've been there. :(


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