E= Monster Squared

Incense burning- check. Candles lit- check. Bottle of Mountain Dew- check. Can of Monster- check. Good tunes playing- Hells yes!! I mean check. Let's get this blog a rollin' shall we???

I shot this series of dandelion shots this passed Saturday evening with the ever faithful help of Hubby- the "wind" blowing away the dandy seeds.

Silly mamma robin has built her nest inside the old well house here on the property. So I took it down and look what was inside!! This is a stellar picture, the swirling, circular chaos of the nest breeds new life.

Along the theme of new- welcome to the world glowing green fern!

I was wearing red, got this idea, and Hubby took the camera...

Yesterday evening Dave W. and I had the honor of shooting Ms. Felicia. The first stage of the shoot fest was back in the grove behind my parents. The wind was gorgous- espcially when it involved doing figure study with her and a white bedsheet.

Stage two of the photofest- right about when I realized the subtle pounding in my sinus was spawning a far more evil creature soon to bloom inside my skull- was in Grand Haven. A tad chilly to say the least, with wind and sand blowing- she was more then a trooper when it came to photos of her in her new pin-up bikini in the surf... Below is one of my ultimate favorites from the Grand Haven set.

But before the photos of her began- I couldn't help but take photos of a wind surfer having fun, along with a paddle boarder that wasn't as good as he thought.

It was ironic. Here we were- Dave, Felicia's boyfriend, and I looking very much the photo shoot worthy group taking pictures of a woman in a bikini in 50 degree air temps and water temps in the high 30's whislt those walking the pier were bundled up in winter coats, scarves, and mittens. Ahhh Michigan...

Later in the evening- after munching on a delicious Wendy burger with the smallish group of ours- that loathsome creature- the pain in my sinus cavity- blossomed into a blinding migraine. Being the good person I was- I quietly snuck in taking my medication and prayed it would go away. It didn't. I bowed out of returning to the studio with everyone for the third segment of shooting- which didn't happen I learned this morning- and went home, nursing a piercing pounding inside my own cranium.

For those that haven't met her yet- this is the basement gremlin- Tigeress. Not often is is still, much less lounging in the warm sunlight in the kitchen like she was this morning. She is a stunning little cat, isn't she?

A little photo I doctored... My energy formula. A staple in my life. An addiction.

My personal addiction in a new form found at the Speedway gas station- my behind still raw from getting raped at the gas pump- yet again- I found this and it made me smile. No, I haven't tasted it yet.

I hinted at great tunes playing- and I'm not lying. I am, as I type, watching the minutes tick down to the completeion of the latest- "I have high speed internet and can download an entire album in under half an hour!!!" Yanni's "Live at El Murro" concert. Hubby and I watched the performance on PBS some weeks back and I have been chomping at the bit to download it! So now I am. And I'm listening to it- and lovin' it!!! I'm also kinda hooked on the album "El Camino" by The Black Keys. I bought that little gem on Sunday morning after we watched the story on them on the CBS Sunday Morning program.

I will be posting the last couple rounds of my 365 Themes as soon as I figure out where I left off. I will also be updating my top favorite songs listed here on the blog- because it needs to be updated... Have a great day! I am off to write on the novel and sort photos!!!


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