Alone... Still...

Hubby has been at work since Friday morning at 05:30. It is 16:21 on Saturday right now. I have seen him for a sum total (including sleep time) of 16 hours since Sunday, April 22nd. Wow- that kinda sucks!

Since he left for work on Friday morning- here's what has been accomplished:
- Lawn mowed
- Junk in and around yard picked up
- Hand trimmed grass around difficult to mow around objects
- Work
- Followed/Chased Hubby to a fire stand by in Courtland Township, and took 200 photos
- Did grocery shopping
- Sorted out the blurrred from the spectacular fire photos
- Submitted four of them to the newspaper through a contact with the editor there
- Crossed fingers
- Washed, dried, put away three loads of laundry
- Went to bed... Goodbye Friday.

Saturday- Today...
- Woke up, showered, and fed Doggie-Pup
- Made a delicious breakfast of fried eggs, cinnamon toast, orange juice, and a berry mix of fresh raspberries, blueberries, black berries, and strawberries.
- Took vitamens
- Checked e-mail
- Went to nephew's soccer game- took 250 pictures & videos
- Visited Dad at the Farm Museum (where he volunteers) & photographed the animals int he petting zoo, including a cute Twix eating rat and a bunny that thought it was a baby goat.
- Had a tasty but not healthy lunch at McD's
- Came home, checked e-mail, feeling my creativity get fired up from fresh Monster
- Customized (by way of nifty doodles) a pair of pants for Hubby's Nana that have been sitting in my office since the beginning of February, nagging at me
- Started doodling on my new slime lime, hurts the eyes bright sweatshirt

- Finished the magazine scraps/ idea books updating (went through a pile of 45 magazines, mostly Instyles, cut out what I specifically wanted from a stack of loose pages, and slipped them into clear page protectors that fill close to eight 1.5 inch binders)

-Started working & will probably finish a new "Pose Idea" binder to bring with me on shoots, including the additions of the old photos with the Ex in them- see how I have edited them?? This version of a "Pose Book" will be more weather and windproof, with more secure pages (hopefully). And why not utilize the massive amount of my personal modeling photos? I like a lot of the poses, plus the nekkid ones will put nervous girl models to ease a bit knowing the person shooting them has done the nekkid model thing herself...

Goodness the kitchen island and the dinner table are covered in creativity's mess. It's like I had a violent burst of creative nausea and Oops! There it went all over the kitchen!!! Hmmm... I better stop screwing around with this blog entry and get to work, eh???


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