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Alone... Still...

Hubby has been at work since Friday morning at 05:30. It is 16:21 on Saturday right now. I have seen him for a sum total (including sleep time) of 16 hours since Sunday, April 22nd. Wow- that kinda sucks!

Since he left for work on Friday morning- here's what has been accomplished:
- Lawn mowed
- Junk in and around yard picked up
- Hand trimmed grass around difficult to mow around objects
- Work
- Followed/Chased Hubby to a fire stand by in Courtland Township, and took 200 photos
- Did grocery shopping
- Sorted out the blurrred from the spectacular fire photos
- Submitted four of them to the newspaper through a contact with the editor there
- Crossed fingers
- Washed, dried, put away three loads of laundry
- Went to bed... Goodbye Friday.

Saturday- Today...
- Woke up, showered, and fed Doggie-Pup
- Made a delicious breakfast of fried eggs, cinnamon toast, orange juice, and a berry mix of fresh raspberries, blueberries, black berries, and strawberries.
- Took vitamens
- Checked e-mail

Weeks 5, 6, 7, and 8 of Themes


E= Monster Squared

Incense burning- check. Candles lit- check. Bottle of Mountain Dew- check. Can of Monster- check. Good tunes playing- Hells yes!! I mean check. Let's get this blog a rollin' shall we???
I shot this series of dandelion shots this passed Saturday evening with the ever faithful help of Hubby- the "wind" blowing away the dandy seeds.
Silly mamma robin has built her nest inside the old well house here on the property. So I took it down and look what was inside!! This is a stellar picture, the swirling, circular chaos of the nest breeds new life.
Along the theme of new- welcome to the world glowing green fern!
I was wearing red, got this idea, and Hubby took the camera...
Yesterday evening Dave W. and I had the honor of shooting Ms. Felicia. The first stage of the shoot fest was back in the grove behind my parents. The wind was gorgous- espcially when it involved doing figure study with her and a white bedsheet.
Stage two of the photofest- right about when I realized the …

So- like a Dumbass...

Color cards displaying paint colors from the hardware store make me super happy!!! Sure- we aren't wanting to paint anything right now, but look at all the crazy possibilities!!!
So, like I hinted at on Twitter and FB- I did some damage to myself trying to catch up and complete a serious batch of photo editing. I cranked out over 1500 edited, tweaked, corrected photos well before a last minute project for the ambulance company Hubby works for. They wanted two of their best and newest vehicles posed in front of thier newest substation done for the annual board meeting on the 26th. Only catch? I had to have then done by today. I actually had them done on Monday, he took the CD and release forms to work yesterday, but never the less. I edited 15 of the best pictures. Then took each of those 15 pictures and placed them on a black background with the appropriate wordage. Then repeated the process with a white background. Only after I created the multi-layer backgrounds themselves... T…


Yesterday I spent time with an old friend. The wonderful gentleman that coaxed me into the world of artistic nude modeling when I was just fresh and 18. We finally reconnected after years apart for one reason or another. Since I am getting more and more into the world of being a photographer rather then being a model- he's helping me in numerous ways in networking with other local photographers and has even told me that if he gets a model with ink (something he's not keen on) that he will send her my way for a model to use.He's into long, tall, no tattoos girls where as I will shoot anything- more so if the girl has ink. I love ink. I have a little bit myself, but I love the art other's have on their bodies. So yes, I think I prefer girls with tattoos. Anyways- I digress.

We chatted for a few hours, him giving me sound photography advice and a few things for me to better clean my cameras, better viewing of the LCD screen on my camera (a little shield on a string that bl…

Not So Well aka Of All the Nerve!!!

I just got home. I am pissed. I am upset. I am furious at the audacity of the bitch (not Dr., BITCH) that I had the great misfortune of dealing with today. I didn't get the procedure done that I had made the appointment for due to the complete stupidity and lack of enthusiasm for simple desk clerks to do their jobs.

Double Disclaimer here... Number one: This blog will speak in depth about a personal choice my husband and I have made in regards to OUR lives. Number two: For the slight possibility there are strict Catholics or other against birth control people that read this blog- skip the judgements you may have after reading this and spare me YOUR ideas about the topic.

Hubby and I, after long conversations and communications, have decided that having children is pretty much a non-option. We consider our pets as our children and are happy with that. I have been on the birth control pill since the age of 18 and due to the length of time I have been on the pill- have been suffering …

Proof of Life...

I had a schedule last week that would kill most people I think, but then again- maybe not. BUT! On top of all the photo snapping- there was Hubby's minor foot surgery on Tuesday and the subsequent care for two days since his foot was so swollen he could not shove it into his work boot. Add to that, yesterday- Sunday- Hubby and I started minor home repair projects, tended to weed filled gardens, and SD Mom and Sister Granola/ Sister Teacher stopped in for an over night stay before leaving about half an hour ago bound home to South Dakota...

Today... I have a doctors appointment/minor medical procedure in which I will certainly fill you all in on possibly later today if not tomorrow. Then there's that whole- possibly needing a little down time to recover from my procedure (big maybe) in which I will be sorting through the over 1700 pictures I have taken in the past week. And the burning of cds. Mailing of cds. And posting the best of's here and on my FB page...

Furry Faces...

You made a fire in the fireplace... I love you...
You kind of get the feeling she's reading your mind, don't you??
Rosie the day before she left us... Rest in peace "Ro-Ro"...
I'm sleepy- can I help you with something???