Oh Goodness...

It has been almost forever since I last posted- this I know.

The modeling shoot on this past Saturday went extremely well! Not only did I actually get in front of the camera for a smidge of time, but I walked away with a camera containing nearly 1000 pictures, some of me, most of Kirin, and A LOT of learning new skills! Dave was an excellent teacher and was more then willing to listen to my pose ideas and further my skills as a photographer. I cannot wait to post some of my photos he took of me here, as well as shots of Kirin! My camera even did some nifty lighting tricks while I was shooting...

As soon as I get the retouched photos back of myself- I will post a few up here. But, I have been sorting through all the photos of Kirin and have narrowed the field to near 100 that I need to edit, re touch, crop , and so forth! She has also been invited back to do a pin-up shoot with a few other girls on the 24th. I have been released from my duties as Hubby's demo assistant in order to be hair, make-up, thigh-high straightening support team for Kirin! Wahoo! How many photos will I take then??

Tuesday- Hubby and I went to the Gardens. And I did it! Not only did I get great shots of the butterfly hatchery, but also about 30 shots of the blessed blue Common Morpho!! Totally awesome!!! I only have about 60 more shots of Kirin to edit before I can get to sorting and tweaking the shots from the Gardens. Look for them here sometime next week.

Yesterday, I went to town out in the yard and did some serious gardening- most of which I hadn't planne don doing, but got done regardless. All the gardens have had the winter collection of leaves and branches raked out; the gutters have been cleaned, a tree got trimmed so it wouldn't rub on the house anymore, and a good amount of weeding was done. And I'm feeling the soreness of both my mild sunburn and muscle strain today. Par for the course when we're talking the first yardwork day of the year!

Today I went an visited with a photobug buddy- we'll call him Double W- and he lent me his god camera. It's a Canon D-50. It's HUGE! It has lots of buttons and is the hardcore pro's camera. He lent it to me with a certain list of photos he wants me to shoot with it for a couple weeks. This will be fun. I have the chance to play around with a professional camera and find out if I like it before I venture into the world to buy one for myself :)

So, for now... I am off to finsihing editing one set of photos in order to sort and edit another round before I play demo girl Saturday with Hubby in Northern Kent County!!


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