Night of the Butterflies

Night of the butterflies

I will soon be having one of my own- night of the butterflies, that is. Friday night I am sure I will be a nervous wreck of a woman. Because on Saturday- I will be sitting for another photographer. That's right- not only at some point in the day I will be photographing the lovely Kirin- but she's talked the photographer shooting her to shoot me as well.

I'm honestly terrified, everyone. I haven't modeled in a number of years. I haven't felt as if I am sexy enough to be photographed- that's why I love being behind the camera- making other's feel beautiful and sexy. That's much easier to me. I have a huge self confidence issue when it comes to me being photographed. When it comes to my looks- I seriously don't think I'm a beautiful woman. And certainly not to the degree of beautiful Hubby tells me I am everyday.

We shall see how this all turns out on Saturday. Hubby is picking out the outfits "I feel sexy in", hopegully with some self indulgent comfort in mind and we'll see what the camera does with it. I'm nervous. I'm scared. I'm crossing my fingers- I really am.


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