In My Style...

Okay- so call me opinionated, call me a bitch. Call me whatever you'd like to, but there is some serious shit going wrong in this country- hell the world!

For starters, and honestly, thank god this bastard is dead, but I'm sure you've all heard about the lunatic in Paris that went and killed three paratroopers. The the following week, I believe it was, he drove his motorcycle to a Jewish school- all the while wearing a camcorder round his neck- and in gangland style shot and killed innocent children and a rabbi. Then for full dramatic effect, he holed himself up in his apartment, popping off rounds and taking out French police officers before they flushed him out in the 13th hour and shot HIM point blank in the head. Finally! I know it doesn't serve as true justice, but let's face it, everyone waned the guy dead, and thank goodness he is! Then his AlQaeda cell took full responsibity for the massacre, making this asshat a martyr to their cause. Hunt them down and kill them all too, please?

In our great nation... Where do I begin? Okay, how about the situation in Florida that has everyone, including congressmen in D.C., up in arms and pissed as hell. Trayvon Martin, 17 years old, was wandering home through a Sanford, FL community caring on him only a bag of Skittles and a can of tea. It was then that "neighborhood watch" asshole George Zimmerman shot and killed him, only after calling 911 and creating some bullshit claim that he was following and would shot the boy out of self defense. Now, on the 911 tapes, not once had he said that he was attacked by the boy. Instead you hear the disptacher telling him to stop following the boy and the PD were on the way. Then a gunshot. Only after the fact and when the media tornado started to form in the distance did Zimmerman start the story line that it was "self-defense", "he attacked me!" Sure, apparently the asshole had facial abrasions, a broken nose, and grass stains on his pants- BUT! Who's to say the stupid SOB didn't trip and fall over a garden gnome because he was so blinded by a hatred of blacks? He has also been convicted of domestic violence!!

The only thing Trayvon was guilty of was being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with a racist Hispanic asshole armed with a gun out in the open. I feel so bad for Trayvon's family for the loss of their son. I also feel bad for the family of Mr. Zimmerman, for they now know what a stupid, racist pig asshole they ended up giving birth to and raising. I feel even more sorry if the asshole has children of his own or any woman that has procreated with him. Great genetics there! I feel overflowingly proud of the people of this nation for standing ground and protesting about this situation. My only hope is that Zimmerman runs and tries to hide with the KKK community in Idaho somewhere only to be shot and killed because I don't think you can be a white Supremisist and Hispanic- like Zimmerman. A senator in our nation's capital took off his suit coat, put on a pair of shades and pulled up the hood on his sweatshirt and was ejected for causing a scene yesterday! What a joke?! 1st Amendment deemed that okay... So wear you're hoodies and stand up for what's right everyone!!!!

While I am starting a rebel cry here, lets tack on the concept of bringing down the anger on Wall Street and the useless fucks in D.C. shall we? If it weren't for the absolute lack of confidence in the American public in regards to our nation's "leaders" we wouldn't have anything uniting us right now. Obama and everyone else in a suits in D.C. promise and promise to make a change. What's changed, really? Sure, Obama did bring home a good portion of our troops- good for him. And thank you. But what about the small fact that regular gasoline was close to $2.50 a gallon when he took office? What's it now? $4.15 a gallon? How about some F@#*ING change there sir??? Why don't you get off your ass and start enforcing laws on the regulation of those asshole speculators on Wall Street dicking us all over by jacking up the price of gasoline???? Open up the reserve stock of oil already and drop the damn price of gas! DO SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING more then standing in front of the nation on TV apologizing for the state of the economy currently sucking, BECAUSE you, Mr. President, won't do a damn thing about the price of gas!

We all need to drive! It isn't human nature by any means, but we- those that have jobs- cannot afford to drive to work to make money for anything else! While I understand Obama doesn't have to pay for a damn thing- like gas- like REST OF US DO! I don't know about anybody else, but it is getting more and more difficult to pay my other household bills when between my Hubby and I, are using up close to $100 a week, if not more, in fuel for our vehicles so he and I can both get to work to earn a buck! The financial stress alone brought on by the fuel pumps is enough to kill anyone weaker right now! I honestly wanted to sob and cry when I watched as $20 got me a meager 4.3 gallons of gas! Remember when $20 would fill your tank, if you even needed that much to fill your tank? I do! It was 2001 and before! Gas in North Carolina when I moved down there in 1999 was $1.19 a gallon!!! WTF ever happened to that? Oh yeah- big oil Texans took over the White House, followed by a "Does my hair look good? Boy, can I play a mean game of basketball and sing James Brown" first African American president.

I am not racist. I'M NOT! But dammit- you promised us change and we voted you in, and what the hell have you done since then, Obama? Our economy is in the toilet because of banks (that you can regulate should you choose to) running us into the damn ground. You've dreamed up some bullshit healthcare policy that- as far as I'm concerned, does more then harm then help. And you, Mr. Presisdent, DO NOT HAVE THE BALLS to actually put pressure on and stop the speculators on Wall Street from hurting this nation even more! Dammit our country is on it's last breath here, and you, Mr. Obama, can't even find the bandaids to slow down the hemmoraging! Let the price of gas come close to $5.00 a gallon and you, Mr. President, will see exactly what we the people can do! There will be anger unleashed on our nation's government that hasn't been seen since the North and South donned separate uniforms and ripped the map in half. Our nation is pissed off and coming close to snapping. Between racial unrest and frustration at a useless government, sprinkle in a heavy helping of summer heat and a dash of weaponry & things will come unglued!!! The last thing anyone will be worried about is who to vote for in November. The fighting in the Middle East? Yeah... that's right. If we the people continue to take the power of enforcing change in order to get something accomplished- D.C. will look like the Gaza Strip, or Syria, or Egypt... Enough people pissed off enough can fix anything they put their minds to!


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