And Then What?

 Hubby and I did putter projects all day yesterday... Besides watering and cleaning plants (spritzing them with diluted soapy water to clean dust from their leaves) I organized our wall of DVD's. A bigger task then once thought- got it done in about two hours.
This is what I made us for dinner last night. Saurkraut, kielbasa, toasted breads, and hot german potato salad. In all honesty- all I did was open the can of potato salad, added bacon, and nuked it. Mmmm, tasty goodness. Save for the heartburn and burping last night :)

Hubby's main putter project yesterday- building racks to hold all the recipe cards we collect from the grocery stores we go to. Then we had to sort them... Oh boy.

By my 1st Amendment Rights- I post this self-edited variation of a photo found in a random Google image search.
The verbal assault this raving F*tard uleashed on a college student last week- while it was also his 1st Amendment right to say what he said- was uncalled for! Rush Limbaugh is a misogynist. A bastard. A worthless example of our human race! This mono-synaptic dullard needs to start looking at the world from 6 feet under, ladies and gentlemen. He called a woman a prostitute, a slut, for wanting to have her contraceptives covered by her health insurance given to her by her employer. What this moron's take on her statement? "Well, she wants to be paid for having so much sex she cannot afford the contraceptives. If we the taxpayers-" like this jerkwad pays his taxes? "Pay for her contraceptives- that makes us the pimps..." No- you fucking moron, it doesn't! Gees, why insult the only service that will get your pathetic ass serviced, you drug addicted shit head! The only way you could get laid is by a prostitute and hell- even they have standards!

I find the inconvienient fact that this asshat's paycheck come from advetisers that can't run fast enough from sponsering his radio show and a company owned by Mr. Mitt Romney. Fabulous! How does that make you feel Mr. Wannabe President? Do you have any comments about Rush and how you're company pays him to be a blithering fucking idiot on national radio? What? NO comment? Hmm, that doesn't look good for your campaign does it now? Rush Limbaugh is a egotistical asshat, that makes too much money for being an "on-air" asshole, kinda like those "Freebeer and Hotwings" dickheads in Grand Rapids.

This happened in my living room on Thursday afternoon. Adorable statement on how determined a cat is to play with a mouse until it has a stroke. Then she brings it to me in the kitchen like- "Look mommy- I found you a present!"

This is the first installment of a hopefully successful new 365 Project- "Themes" I had so much fun with this one I cannot wait to start the next week's theme of... Well- I dunno yet...

Stay tuned everyone- tonight is "Night of the Butterflies" date night with Hubby!!! The flyer said bring your camera and batteries! I think I can hear my camera having a heart attack already!!!


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