Work to Be Done...

I will be busy the next little while... Actually I've been kinda busy all week. Tuesday- Hubby and I ventured to the land of the great MSU to visit with Nana/Editor. She loved the book, and after I make the required changes to it, will love it even more! I also showed her my photography work, which she gushed about to everyone that came by her place on Tuesday while we were there. Two of Hubby's uncles stopped in, one staying over after a business meeting in Grand Rapids (he lives in Chicago) added bonus- he tells the best filthy jokes! While the other lives nearby to Nana, came to visit and eat pizza and salad with us all. Also, one of Hubby's half-sisters (we'll call her Law School Red) was there with her handsome fiance. LSR and I exploded with giggles when while she was prepping Nana's Gin 'n Tonic, the tonic water bottle spewed all over her and the kitchen counter. Nana thought we were causing trouble, but really we were just laughing our asses off at the hilarity one bottle of tonic water can produce.

I had completely surrendered, in sorrow, that Hubby and I weren't going to make it home in time to watch the 200th episode of NCIS. I was disappointed but knew Hubby was having fun spending time with his family. Much to my surprise- Nana rushed to her chair and turned on the TV at eight o'clock- "Goodness, I almost forgot, it's a special episode of my favorite show... I hope you don't mind..." On came that tell tale sound of the NCIS screen shot and Gibb's!!! Hubby and I settled into the couch and started to watch the episode with her. I was thrilled!!! During commercial, I asked her if it was okay if we stayed to watch it with her, she said that was fine... Happiness is my weekly hour of Gibbs. Add to that the story she told us earlier about her meeting Mark Harmon's father, Tom, while he was the football star at U of M long time ago... I am two degrees from Mark Harmon... Holy shit!!!

Tomorrow, I will be spending the entire day at work. The guys have Tech Expo and will be out of the building, and I will be manning the office and the phones while we are "closed" from 10am to 5pm. By the time I get out of work, Hubby will hopefully be home and we will be going out to dinner and getting groceries for the weekend visit of Globug, who hasn't been here to our place since October. I'm going to spend the day tomorrow with my computer and high speed internet- no good shall come of this. And since I'll have really nothing better to do- I'll be working on the editing of the book!!

Today I realized that Doggie-Pup has created an issue for herself. The past few days she's been, what we call, "comfort or soothing" licking on her from left paw. Didn't know why, just noticed she'd been doing this. Well this morning I checked and she has opened up a large blister wound between two toes. My mom said it might have been caused by her feeling a thorn she's stepped on (at some point in the past year) working it's way through. Or a crack between her toes irritating her. Well, old dogs tend to obsessively lick the wound trying to clean it, while actually just making it worse, breeding infection in it. So I cleaned the wound, patted in some numbing antibiotic cream and sprayed it with sour cherry bitters. That's a spray that nixs licking by foul taste. Doggie-Pup doesn't mind the taste as has repeatedly cleaned the wound open again. Much to my dismay. So, I cleaned it again (the fourth time today), sprayed it with the bitters, and to add insult to the injured Doggie-Pup, have covered it with a sock that I have essentially tied to her body by way of a cling bandage sling. Now she's laying on the bed, looking at me with the expression of "WTF did I ever do to you?"

On top of keeping close watchful eyes on Doggie-Pup's paw today, I'm going to try to finish a piece of artwork I started this past weekend; find our single burner hot plate and a water kettle to take to work tomorrow to make tea in the office; pack my bag with stuff to work on and do; and make sure the guest room is all spiffy for miss Globug... Fun fun!!!


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