Injection of Color

That's what Hubby gave me for an early Valentine's Day present. A membership to the Meijer Gardens. Going there on Tuesday, in spite of the sunny weather we were having that day, was a welcomed shot of green, flowers, and warmth.

 Hubby gave me a challenge- to photograph the translucence of the needles on the barrel cactus. Done.
 Talk about a welcome burst of color! This tulip was just too intense to not photograph!

I fell in love with this orchid. How the light played on it. How the shadows made it look more dramatic. And oh my goodness- I had no idea I had caught the water droplets on a neighboring bud till I went through the shots when we got home!!

 Stunning. Absolutely stunning...
I must take this shot everytime I go there. Looking up at the glass ceiling of the conservatory with the vine as a focal point... It makes you feel both small and in complete awe of nature.

Well- I over did things yesterday. Mind you al I am still recovering from my fall a week ago yesterday. What did I do to celebrate the oppsie go boom-boom? I fixed the water softner, filled it with 5 40 pound bags of salt; I cleaned and emptied the pellet stove for the repairs we did last night; I swept and mopped the basement; and to gain extra hours on my timecard this week, I steamed cleaned my Dad's office, half of it on my hands and knees with the upholstrey attachement; oh- and we cleaned the fridge too.

By the mid point in out leftovers-so-we-can-put-stuff-back-in-the-fridge dinner last night, I started to feel it. You know- that searing pain of the muscles relaxing into their agony of "What in the hell were you thinking?" It hurt to breath, it hurt to sit, it hurt to stand up... You name it, it hurt. I think it even hurt to yawn. Hubbby just smiled and offered me a couple aspirin, shaking his head.. I was in so much muscluar and bone distress that walking up and down the basement stairs made me go out of breath. Ugh. I hate that feeling!! I hate how long healing takes from such a traumatic bodily injury event. And i know my over doing everything ceratinly isn't helping.

So today is creativity day. Hubby is working his 24 hour shift today rather then yesterday and I have nothing on TV to watch tonight. Random side note- WTF was up with "Grey's Anatomy" last night? I know it was the "what if" episode but I got so confused and pissed off and just plain- what??? Why was everyone afraid of Yang? Was Callie into girls or straight? Why was Meridith's mom still such a bitch? And so that was the whole Addison pregnant with Mark's baby that they never really ever discussed... Huh? I hope shit goes back to normal/irrational Grey's next week...

Sorry- I digress. Like I was saying- I really have nothing to do of any movement based ambition so I'm taking it easy. No cleaning. No heavy lifting. Nothing but being creative. I did a little photo editing, I've updated my 365 project (on day 342 today), I went through my artistic portfolio to gleen new doodle ideas for the upcoming- Doodle Days with J Bear's daughter, I'll probably do a little drawing/doodling to get the colorful juices flowing again, oh- and I have to create a virtual photo portfolio on the 'puter to show Nana my photography (per her request via Hubby) when we go see her next week. Lots to do and none of it has to do with any major pain inducing movements. Good thing too- I need to slow down for a day and just let the bones and muscles heal via pain medicine... Yeah....


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