Chilly Monday

Hubby and I saw this in the store on Friday night- this here is a puke party waiting to happen. Ironically the end cap next to this display was scented room sprays and multipurpose cleaner.

This past weekend, Hubby and I got a lot done. It actually started Friday afternoon while Hubby was taking a couple hour nap. He didn't sleep much, if at all, during his 24 hours shift on Thursday. While he was napping with our cuddly little teetsy fly we call Doggie-pup, I was in my office. Cleaning. And when I say cleaning I meant, sorting and pitching piles of junk papers; dusting, organizing the shelves; sorting out which purses need to be hung on the wall and what ones can be stored away; straightening bookshelves and taking advantage of the new space; wiping down my desk; organizing tax paperwork and figuring out what we still need before filing them... I know I did the whole purge and clean thing not so long ago, but every little bit helps- and in my office's case- four bags of garbage out the door equals about 3 pounds less crap (subtracted from 20) stuffed in my creative little nook of a 5 pound bag.

Saturday, Hubby and I had a lovely breakfast and headed into Grand Haven for groceries. The Walmart there is borderline completely dead, so it was a nice and peaceful shopping trip. After getting home and unloading the groceries (with a splash of fridge organization thrown in there)- Hubby started the prep work for dinner... Apple Cider Beef Stew. It's a basic beef stew recipe but we substituted rutabegas for potatoes and the recipe itself calls for apple cider vineager and apple cider- this tenderizes the meat to the point of falling apart. Well- while he did that, I did some hardcore cleanign in the bedroom- actually finiding the top of his dresser; sweeping and mopping the floor; putting away clothes and bedding that were clean but just sitting out bugging me; and spritizing everything making the room Febreez-y fresh- much to the dismay of Doggie-Pup.

Once the stew was cooking, we borrowed my Dad's super uber shop vac and got to work sucking all the crap out of our furnace duct work. It's an old gravity fed furnace with a cold air return and warm air vent in each room, so cleaning the cold air ducts (while interesting at times when the vacuum nozzle bogged down with desicated mouse bodies) makes the warm air vents work much better. Oh the intersting things we found... Like an old measuring spoon, make up jar lid, and a paper milk bottle cap. Oh and lots of long dead mouse bodies and more rat poison then any old house should have in it.

Sunday morning, post breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, Hubby made me put the finishing touches on the 365 project, since Sunday was the last day. I posted the pics on all the appropriate sites- I.E. SG and Facebook before we got to work finishing the duct cleaning. Hubby did that while I picked up and cleaned and swept the basement, just giving the lower realm of the house a freshening up. We paused and showered before heading to my nephew's 5th birthday party next door. We socialized with the massive turn out of family from my sister-in-laws side of the family before returning home to complete out cleaning projects. Hubby then made us a delectable dinner we munched on while watching the Oscar's.

Today I've finished with work and photo editing from the party yesterday. Since I've really nothing else to do after this blog post is done, I'm going to tidy up the guest room in case we have company tomorrow night- seeking refuge from the "massive winter storm" being forecasted and continue editing the book. Yes- I have finally begun the task of editing the book. Thus far I've gone through it once adding all the "***" marks needed for time transitions. I think next will be runnign thru it again to place the breaks for chapters. Then I'll get into the nitty gritty grammer/word/WTF did u mean here? editing. Wish me luck!

And stay tuned- the new "Themes" 365 Project will be starting on Saturday March 4th!!


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