Ahhh Poop...

I have not forgotten you dear blog… I have merely been a busy, frantic, snarky ass of a girl that has been playing new computer games too much, doing too much housework (much to the dislike of the still healing pelvis), taking care of Doggie-Pup’s wounded paw, and avoiding the pending editing of the novel…

To go backwards- yesterday was Septic sucking day here at the house. The kinda of jerky dude with the big ‘ol poop sucker truck rolled in about noonish-30 and after explaining how to get his truck close to the house without driving up my lawn, he warned matter-of-factly that “I’ll probably pop the lids on those tanks to find they are so compacted that I can’t do anything for you today… And that will definitely cost extra…” Nice scare tactic, dude. REALLY. “And for future reference, you only need to dig up one lid per tank…” Well, we dug up both to save the whole argument of- tank lids NOT exposed, additional charges apply. Much to dudes dismay- the tanks were not compacted/constipated and after less than an hour and a terrifying sound coming from the bathroom toilet- our tanks were empty. We were in fact shitless. (Had to work a poo joke didn’t I?) Dude then says as I am writing a check to him- “You were about two shits and a shimmy away from catastrophic overflow, just so you know…” Yes, he used shimmy and catastrophic in the same sentence. That’s awesome.

While Hubby prepped dinner last night- I applied a new mud mask I bought at the health food store on Saturday. Its Moroccan Red Clay powder that you mix with a little water (I used the artesian spring water we drink now) and apply it to our face. The jar was right- it is truly detoxing- it felt like a had a plunger stuck to my skin. And as it dried- it literally pulled my skin so taut that I could not blink or close my eyes since the eyelids were getting pulled from my eyeballs. Holy crap! Aside from taking forever to get it completely washed from my face- my skin feels lovely and you can’t even see if I have any pores! Later yesterday afternoon- guess who over did what when refilling the holes in the yard. I completed the task in little under an hour and a half and could barely walk come bedtime last night.

 Tuesday, after Hubby drove all the way to work for a meeting that then got canceled, he came home to find me digging holes in the yard. There was discussion Monday night about the toilet not working that entirely great. I had called and set the poop truck appointment and told him “Happy Crappy Valentine’s Day! Wanna help me?” He smiled. “Seriously. It’ll save us like $500 at least if we dig the lids ourselves… Shovels’ over there. Love you!!” He continued to laugh and picked up a shovel. We bonded while digging huge holes in our yard- listening to the songs of not so distant sirens as my brother’s fire department called for assists from neighboring departments during their major house fire. I did not give chase and take pictures because I was helping dig up poo bins with my Hubby.

Over the weekend, Globug came for her much overdue visit. She practiced the Barr’s technique of energy balancing on both Hubby and I. Hubby in turn, cook ed a lovely Saturday morning breakfast of quinoa, pears, and dried cranberries, drizzled with honey, a splash of almond milk, and a dash of cinnamon- accompanied by delicious bacon. Dinner Saturday night was a tasty dish of spaghetti in a mushroom Italian sausage sauce. We adventured out into the world on Saturday afternoon and found a truly fantastic health food store. After spending too much money we headed home. Sunday, Hubby made us a great quiche filled with broccoli, ham, and cheese in a flaky pie crust shell. And we just vegged for the day. Globug and Hubby played computer games that I got him for Valentine’s Day and I cleaned the house, did laundry that sort of thing. Before she bid us farewell, we went to a super early supper at the local chili dog shack.

 Today- current day- I have cleaned up my office to make it look better for the company of Doodlekid and J Bear this coming weekend. I’m also going to get all my drawing gear sorted and presentable for teaching Doodlekid how to doodle like I do- which is the entire point of their visit aside from giving J Bear a soothing mini vacation. I am also catching up on photo editing and my soon to be finished 365 project. Have no fear. I think I will be doing another one. I liked doing this one too much to not do another one.

This year I will do themed photos- like one week will be wildflowers. Another week love. Another week- old barns… I’ll just have to come up with 52 different themes, won’t I? That’s where you all come in. Shoot some ideas at me- via e-mail or comments here on the blog!! I really would love the help in gathering ideas- I’ll even post a list for all to see once I’ve come up with one!!! Pretty please?? I promise at least one week this summer will be some of my fabulous Iris pictures!! That way you all can see what I do with your ideas and take pride in helping me photograph the world. If I select you’re idea for a theme week, I will give your credit for it. I wish to start the new 365 Project- “Themes” on March 4th, so get those ideas coming in!


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