Why does it feel so good? Why does cleaning and tossing out useless rubbish feel just so damn good? I spent more then a few hours yesterday archiving photo file folders on Cd's and DVDs- removing 14 GB worth of photos I wanted to keep but didn't need to be on my computer- I rarely looked at them and even less regularly used them for anything. Do random flower and thunderstorm photos from 2009 need to be on here? Nope, not really. I'm not in any short of hard drive space on this beast, my combined two hard drives are close to 600 GB, and I currently have 402 GB free as of now. Sure, now I need a couple new CD folders, but whatever... I also wasted time while Cd's and DVDs burned away yesterday cleansing the music folder on my 'puter, emptying email spam folders, and general email account clutter from my three emails. I deleted old FB messages, old SG account e-mails... I just cleaned my computer. I ran registry cleaners, updated C Cleaner and ran it, updated my anti-virus software and ran it. I went through program files and uninstalled a couple programs that I NEVER use, freeing up more space. Just a New Year computer cleaning spree I guess.

Combine this recent cleaning spree with the attempt to un-clutter my office and- damn. Let the creativity flow!!! I've been doing some serious work on the new novel this week- like 4000 words a day, and trying to not think about Hubby's super bad ass Nana editing "MEDICS". I've been forcing myself to not call her and see the progress she's made on it thus far. I'm nervous. This is the closest I've come to having a total stranger read my work, with red pen in hand. I have this dreadful image in my head of pages slashed and ripped with red ink marks and comments in the margins- telling me I suck. But I don't. It doesn't. Nana even called to tell me she was hooked deep after the first ten pages. That's a good sign, right?

In somewhat dorky-tas-tic news... I downloaded a movie from iTunes onto 'puter. The first time I've done this. And it's cool. I can now open "The Presido" when ever I want to see a young, sexy Mark Harmon playing San Fransisco detective- shirtless delishiousness when ever I want it! LOVE IT!!! Doesn't hurt that Sean Connery is also in the movie either. Sexy Scotsman in military garb- oh yum. Life is good. But it's of course for novel research- since in my head- Mac Callahan in both Medics novels will be played by Mark Harmon in the movies surely made based from the books. Wink Wink. Giggle Giggle.

Hubby and I have a slightly busy day ahead of us tomorrow. But first, he needs to come home from a sleepless night at work that included the borderline baby delivery in the back of his ambulance. He sounded like tired poop when I talked to him a couple hours ago, poor sweetie. I'm going to make him shower and take a good long nap when he comes home- it'll help fight off his sleep deprived grumpiness.

In the new musical addiction category- I am hopelessly playing an old 80's song I saw the video for on COOLTV'S 80's @ 8 program. Mouse and I came up with a term for the band, XTC- Britamish. They are British, as were most 80's bands, but their look is definitely Yoder-ish. Wednesday night, Hubby and I curled up on the couch with our small bowls of ice cream and watched what was the most EPIC night of 80's @ 8. We're talking classic tunes like "Sara"; "I'm Still Standing" by Queen Elton John; "These Dreams" by Heart; "Material Girl" by Madonna; and the super awesome tune "Suicide Blonde" by INXS... Just classic. I don't know if my hyper sugar rush was from the sugary sweet 80's tunes or the bowl of french vanilla ice cream with marsh mellow fluff and caramel sauce. Oh oops- that reminds me, I need to find my copy of Madonna's "Erotica" album and rip into onto 'puter soon. Oh god- that's going through more then 400 Cd's... OOH, never mind. I can take Cd's from the music folders and put photo archive Cd's in them instead. Yeah me! Good distraction. It'll keep my mind off the undecided news I got from a friend yesterday.

No. I will not go into detail here. Sorry. Some things, until determined bad or good or emotionally disturbing, shalt not be discussed here on the blog. Many apologies for the censorship. Maybe we'll discuss it later... Maybe.

Oh sweet mother- I just went through my music CD collection. Don't think I have that Madonna album. Oh well- hello iTunes Store... But I am completely ashamed of myself for some of the Cd's I do have. OMG- I have the sound track to "Streetfighter", yes the movie version of the badass video game. Also- I have the soundtrack to the "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" movie. Ugh. I was a weird kid...


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