Photo and Opinion Frenzy!!!

Internet censorship by high powered, can't mind their own f*ing business politicians and movie corporations, and music conglomerates- would suck. YES! The ability to disable and nuke any given website at any given moment because they pissed you off- also major bigtime SUCK! To throw a tempertantrum (like Wikiapedia) is pointless. Wiki is fake! Sure, SOME of the information on there might actually be fact, but for the other 95%- it's all fake bullshit some lonely dork locked in his mom's basement created!!!

It pissed me off to no end last night when my local evening news interviewed concerned high students about the 24 hour Wiki shut down. "It could effect my grades! How will I do research for my papers?!" sobbed one pathetic wanna be goth princess. GQ Acne Jock added "I would, like, um... Like totally have to read like... Um, all the books in this library and that's just um, like, too hard, ya know???" Why do actual research when you can google the shit to death? This is education nowadays??? WTF happened to actually cracking open a book, smelling the old paper and ink, and taking notes on notebook paper like I had to? Lame. Totally fucking lame ass excuse for education. And the mass public wonders why the new generation has no effort or ambition? "Because, like... Um... like... yeah... Ya know?" Dumbasses!

Would I be upset if my blog got blasted to the Outer Rim of the internet because I pissed off some stupid as, sex scandle dabbling politician? OF COURSE! Would I be upset if I could no longer use my favorite, describes everything curse word? F Yeah! Should those assholes have the ability to censor the one place everyone can be who they want to be? Not at all! Suicide Girls would be destroyed, along with how many millions of opinion riddled blogs like my own! You want to censor something?

Why don't you camp on the mono-synaptic F*tards on Freebeer and Hotwings, along with Captain F*tard Eric Zane! Congratulations- you ugly jerks- you got ripped on P90X. Good for you! But to shit talk, and bash Paula Dean for being a quote "morbidly obese, nasty fat pig"? Go screw off you dumb assholes! They ripped her a part for the better part of an hour just because they could, Because "they are so much better" then the rest of us... BTW- you pathetic asshats- 85% of your audience are "morbidly obese, fat nasty pigs" by your ridiculous standards. F*em. I have an iPod to listen to while I'm at work. Waste of human flesh pieces of rancid dog shit!

While Hubby was doing his Tuesday, day off manly man project in the kitchen- I spent precious time in my office cleaning. Oh yeah!! Let the creativity flow! I'm ready for it! Right down to the can of Monster!!! Oops... wait... Need to change my desktop calendar don't I?

Who, other then me, gets a friggin' thumb blister from push pins???? I mean seriously! At last total- I now have a painful thumb blister; messed up neck (STILL); the cold sore that just will not heal and go away; a facial acne flair up (post hormomal time); a deep tissue, blue, painful bruise covering 2/3rds of the back of my left hand- with no recollection of how or when it happened; and a swollen left nostril that's not plugged up- just swollen... At this rate- I might just end up dead soon!!! I wrote a "DNR" post it note and gave it to Hubby last night- he laughed.

Hubby's project for yesterday- installing the super cool, super great deal new faucet and sprayer in the kitchen!!! We also promised each other that the other wouldn't tape or rubber band the sprayer switch on open...

That's right! We adopted two more piggies- bringing the total now to 7 of the squeaky little beasts!! The grey one- Clarissa, has blue eyes and the softest fur I have ever felt on a piggy. The black one- Winifred, who's name will be getting changed to Freddie since my gram's name was Winifred, and we live in her old house- too creepy honestly.

WHY? Because thumb holes in the cuffs of a sweatshirt is just cool. That's why. It soothes me and brings me comfort, so judgey Mc Asshole at the gas station- suck it!!! At least the hot lesbian cashier agreed with me and thought it was cool...


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