In Pain

I am. I am in serious, undeniable, pain. I took a spill on some black ice yesterday morning in front of Mc Donald's while a crew was switching ambulances with the one I was driving. Before I knew what had happened, I was hard on my hands and knees on the asphalt, my hands breaking the part of the fall that would have most likely resulted in facial breakage and bleeding. I got up, dusted myself off and carried on. A few moments later, my knees throbbing, I looked down to see blood soaking through my jeans at the knees. Damn.

The crew noticed this and I found myself getting patched up by them- gauze pads, kling, and tape stunting the bleeding. After dening any need of getting transported to the hospital- I was already feeling ashamed of my clumsiness, I carried on with my day- knees throbbing and bleeding well into the afternoon. I had a coffee stop with the lovely Azkadellia near the college and went home a few hours later.

Into the latter half of the evening- the pain was getting worse and spreading from my hamburger looking scraped and bloody knees to my thighs and hips. Hubby came home last night, cleaned my wounds and we went to bed. This morning- I woke up with no pain in my knees or lower legs, but my hips. My god my hips are killing me. It feels like there was an unsuccessful attempt to draw and quarter me from the waist down. My entire pelvic cradle aches. It's a pain I haven't felt since I broke my tail bone (twice) in three months as a kid.

Today I am laying low, taking pills to dull the pain enough to walk, yet trying to do menial tasks like laundry and grocery shopping.

For those that don't know- tomorrow will be the four year birthday of the blog. Four years ago tomorrow I went to a demo with Hubby and was so completely compelled to write about what I saw that I started a new blog. Tomorrow- I will be helping out Hubby at that same demo, no doubt writing down observations to share with you all on Monday... I can't wait!

Happy Birthday "Anything, Nothing, with Everything in Between"!!!


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