Hello Nurse!!!

Nice Animanics reference, no? Anyhoo- I am exactly that today. And for a large portion of last night. Hubby- my personal Superman- has fallen victim to the wandering crud. He is, in fact, so ill, that my loving Hubby who never calls in sick for work, did just that. While today is my day alone usually- today I have a coughy, snotty, plugged up Hubby-kins to take care of.

I have been giving him rounds of vitamins and herbal supplements packed with all sorts of good stuffs, making him drink horrific tasting herbal teas made to clear respitory tracts, having him do bi hourly hits on his inhaler, have him sitting in front of the steam vaporizer inhaling eucalyptus steam, and the always helpful every four hours cold & flu meds. Tonight I will be making my mom's cure everything that ails you (and some things that aren't) homemade chicken soup with her famous homemade Amish noodles. Right now, while I am tucked into my office writing to all of you- he is curled up on the couch watching old black and white John Wayne movies I bought him for Christmas.

As you can all imagine- I myself, am taking my usual vitamin regimen added to it Elderberry extract and our new Acai + Superfruits pills (they are comprised of acai, goji berry, pomegranate, Noni berry, Elderberry, Bilberry and Mangosteen) with a hint of Green tea. I have also kicked on the homemade HEPA filter fans, anti-bacterial fabric refresher sprayed the bed linens, and as much as it kills me- have not kissed my Hubby in at least 48 hours. Doggie-pup is being the ever vigilant "Puppa-medic" keeping him close in her sights since we got home about an hour ago.

Hubby and I went into Grand Rapids so I could photograph one of the most beautiful churches in town. I know- ironic huh? Me wanting to go to a church... Anyhoo- after amazingly enough getting "technically lost" trying to find a really big church in a relatively low skyline part of the city, we found it again- the Basilica of Saint Adalbert. I seriously, JUST, took the snaps off my camera so it might be a day or two before I post them. Since Hubby will be going into work Sunday night, thank you so much- Grand Haven (code name), for trading night halves with Hubby, I might just post the edited shots Sunday evening.

After snapping my fill, for now, of the gorgeous church- we wandered up Alpine to Hubby's favorite store- Penzey's Spices. My dad gave him a $50 gift card to the store for Christmas and I knew doing that short little shopping spree with him today would boost his spirits a bit. So we went there and bought tons more spices to fill our over filling spice cabinet! Love that place! You can taste test every herb and herb mix, along with salts and peppers prior to buying them. Plus- as my usual task there, you can get at least fifteen new recipe cards every month or so! It's great. We honestly own every spice and spice combination they sell there, along with doubles and triples of some things. I highly recommend their Trinadad Seasoning for steamed veggies; their Penzey's Cinnamon (a mix of four different cinnamon's) for baking, waffles, pancakes, and sprinkling on fresh cut apples with a dash of sugar; and for dinner topping- you cannot go wrong with their gray fleure de sel (gray sea salt).

Up oh... Took my vitamins too fast... Ugh... Gots the topsie-turvy tummy now. Must go get some ginger to nibble on and get to work sorting photos to edit.

Lots of love and see you on Sunday!!!


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