Baslica of Saint Adalbert

Here are the church pictures as promised. I apologize for the quick, random ending to last night's post... I was too distracted by answering e-mails to muster anything more to write to you all so I bailed. Many sorrys to everyone...

Today I have been catching up on the new round of e-mails from last night; talking to my mom on the phone (which I could have just talked to her at her house when I was there this morning, but she was already on the phone dealing with issues at her work); surfing the web; and working on the second "MEDICS" novel. In theory- I have a busy work week, but I am waiting on a text to confirm that minor detail. Tomorrow morning I have a follow up back cracking appointment. I've had a lot of muscle tenderness in my right shoulder since he put me back in last Tuesday. Hopefully I can get a full adjustment tomorrow and have everything be all dandy good. Still wish I knew what I was doing in my sleep to make my cervical vertebrae do the slip and slide outta place whenever they want to- but he couldn't give me an answer when I asked him that last week. He only confirmed my thought of I should have had a trauma at some point that would aggravate them. And I haven't.... Who knows???

I can feel myself getting distracted again, so I shall bid goodbye to you all. The creative bug has bitten me and I have doodles I want to draw and a bit more to write on my novel before I start doodling... See you later this week!!!


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