To Blog or Not to Blog...

I have been busy. Like get one thing accomplished and another four pop up on the list. Ever have one of those weeks? So other then crazy schedule- I'll start this at the evening of the Christmas party- last Wednesday...

So after going to pick up Hubby (who was at work on the truck- go figure), we drove down to the main office where the party is usually held in the community room. Once getting there, we noticed there were no catering trucks. Hmmmm- they are usually there by five pm. Minutes rolled by, I was chatting with some of his co-workers in dispatch, when by one way or another- we found out that the Head Lady In Charge (HLIC) was not happy. Why? Because the caterers thought the party was on Thursday, not Wednesday. OMG! This is not good. At ALL. She was hovering a good six inches off the floor she was so pissed off and honestly none of us blamed her. She's the type of woman you do not cross- at all. For no reason should you tick off the HLIC. If you do- just duck and cover when you see her, or worse yet- just dissappear.

Once the confusion was settled, more people had arrived and turns out- instead of a catered taco bar, prime rib bar, pasta bar, and dessert table- we were going to be served pizza. Mind you this party is kind of a big deal- like the Board of Directors attends this shin dig. And the looks on their faces when they found out they were going to be served pizza instead of prime rib... Ooooooh. Funny for the bulk of us- since the bar was open and we were all lubed up anyhoo. Hubby was awarded his pin for 15 years of service at the company- an accomplishment he'd been waiting for.

Thursday- I had a friend from Up North EMS stay the night- we'll call her Rainbow Heart. She tagged along to my photo gig up in the Belding area. I was to take pictures of the most adorable baby with the most beautiful parents. It went very well. Then RH and I went to din din at Taco Bell, shortly after, my truck decided to be a punk bitch and have transmission issues! Ugh. Dammit. So we limped my truck home, got into her car, and went back into GR to pick up a present for one of her friends.

Friday- First actual measurable snow fall in Ottawa and Kent Counties. I'll shorten this by simply saying- WTF you moronic assholes? Michigan + December= snowfall at some point!!!

Saturday- Hubby had the entire day off and we spent it together. Hanging out around the house and doing things. Hubby also made the absolute best pancakes. Honey wheat base with the added yumm-o factor of chopped pecans, almond, dried cranberries, dried blue berries, and dried cherries. With a side of sausage links drenched in real Michigan Maple Syrup. Dinner for the evening? Indian Chicken Khorma with rice, potatos patties with Greek yogurt and mint chutney, and Chana Masala (spiced chick peas).

Sunday- After breakfast and decorating of our Nor Pine (a potted tree I've had for years) for our Christmas tree this year, we got dressed and went out to the Meijer Gardens. They created a "Train Garden" for the holidays with all the village buildings being made from organic materials. I will post picutres later this week. I intriduced him to my two favorite docents at the gardens. These two gentlemen make any visit there better just by their cheerful faces and willingness to answer questions. I asked them both what their favorite parts of the gardens were so as I can make them framed prints :)

After four hours at the gardens, walking around both inside and outside, I had taken my fill of 600 pictures and we were in need of nourishment. So we went here:

Where they:

This is what we shared (in the romantic, yet saving money fashion):

Gourmet yumminess!!!!! Then last night, I worked on Hubby's back. First making him do stretching exercises to loosen the muscles up. Then walking on him- that got his lodged out of place vertebrae almost completely in. Then I broke out the candles, massage table, and New Age music and proceeded to pound him for another half an hour- getting his spine back in place, along with both shoulders, both hips, and his knee. I gave him a flexerall to keep the muscles loose so his back stayed in place and we heated up left overs for din din. Then the flexerall kicked in and Hubby was rendered whacked out for the rest of the evening. I put him to bed and cleaned up the house before going to bed for the night.

Today- I have finished editing the photos from the baby shoot, also the girl+smores photo shoot. I am finishing up this blog. I have to fill out paperwork to send along with cd's of photos to mail otu tomorrow, address and finish Christmas cards, and sort through the pile of photos from yesterday...

But before I go- I must tell you all my new favorite song is: "Marry the Night" by Lady Gaga- for this line if nothing else: "... I won't give up on my life/ I'm a warrior queen/Live passionately tonight/... We're gonna burn a hole in the road..." That and the video is pretty damn cool. Someday (maybe soon) I will tell you all why I like Gaga so much...

Look for even more Gardens photos later this week!


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