Stuff and Old Wounds

First- the old wounds bit...

Today in the grocery store- I saw a girl that went to high school with me. She looked older, hagged, and completely miserable with her three loud children in tow. This made me smile. Seeing the sadness in her eyes made me a touch gleeful inside. During school- she was one of a few that took it upon themselves to emotionally beat me daily. She harassed me about my weight and how I was a gross fatty (never mind the bitch had 150 plus on me- I WAS the fat one). She ridiculed me about how I was shy to get nekkid in the gym locker room, what was I hiding? She called me horribly foul names directed towards being a "farmer" (I was in our high school chapter of Future Farmers of America more less because I didn't fit anywhere else and being in a student organization at least made you belong something). She ripped me about about who I had crushes on and how pathetic I was doomed to be. I didn't make it a point to tell her who I was in the store today- instead I laughed. Out loud. When I realized who she was- how "gross" or "nasty" and completely run over by her children. I laughed.

Those other bullies?? Two were once my "best friends" in high school. One know looks like a very ugly man (she's female) and about 10 years ago the other tried to clear her conscious by apologizing to me for her behavior in a few letters, which I generally told her to fuck herself and leave me alone... If only that would have worked back then in high school. Is it any wonder to anyone why I am so all for Lady Gaga and her mission to eradicate bullying? Really? I was mercilessly tortured my entire school life by someone or other so I know how it feels to be bullied all the time.. It sucks. It hurts. I'm only glad I didn't let it eat me alive!!!

In the stuff category... SD Mom and Dad were here over the Christmas weekend. They arrived Sunday evening in time for me to serve my delicious beef and veggie soup with whole wheat french bread. Monday, after Hubby got home from work (yes, he worked on XMAS day, but it was holiday pay...) We had breakfast, opened presents, and then headed out into the day. We drove down south to near Holland to venture into the new nature center and trails there. I took tons of fabulous pictures- such as...

Then we went to lunch at G&L in Grand Haven. After filling our growling tummies- we headed to Duncan's Woods in the center of the city. There I photographed this amazing bird:

Over the course of our hike there, I hyper-screwed my right knee somehow and have been paying for it ever since. Goddess bless the new extra strength Bayer Aspirin! Tuesday morning- they headed back to SD in the pouring rain and cloudy crap weather while Hubby rode along with me to work.

Yesterday- while I had a list of things I wanted to get done here at home- none of it happened. Work took longer then I wanted (do to stupid people, mechnical F*ups, oh- and stupid people). Then Hubby came hone after a couple hours in the office with puke tummy. So- as hard as I tried, I did not feel nearly as accomplished for the day as I wanted to when we went to bed last night. Today- I am playing ketchup! I have updated my 365 project- we're past 300 pictures! Wahoo! I'm writing this blog, cooking dog chicken, sorting photos from the weekend's adventures, and probably picking up the house, doing laundry, and working on a doodle project for my friend J Bear. Good thing Hubby's at work- I can fly about doing three things at once and no one can yell at me to slow down so my hobbled leg can keep up:)

Just a few other things... As of the first week of January some time, I will start to delete the first quarter of the 2010 blogs. Just to make for more room on here for the new greatness yet to be created. If you are worried- I can print book-like copies of my blogs by year- including pictures. Shoot me an e-mail at if you'd like to get your hands on a copy. I know I can make copies of the 2009, 2010, and 2011 year of blogs for your enjoyment!

Also in the first week of January- I will publish on here my "Year in Writing" Review. It's a little scorecard I keep for myself over the course of the year that falls in line with my daily writing quota- yes I have been wwriting on top of house life and photography. It makes me feel accomplished.


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