Rain, Rain... What No Snow??

This is a lovely little spot we found on a hike around the artisiean spring where we get drinking water now. All it needs is a beautiful woman, right?

It's beginning to look a lot like a muddy Christmas here in the great state of Michigan. As of the other day, the local weather guesser (the one with the bad dye job and plastic forehead) said we are close to 15 inches below normal for snowfall this year. I'll say- we've had two "dustings" this year that averaged an inch or maybe two each that melted within days of it falling. Causing enough misery for a couple morning commutes. We have mud. Lots of mud. Today we're supposed to get about two inches of rain.

I'm not a fan of the white and fluffy. Goddess knows it's a bitch to drive in when it's falling, but dammit it is pretty to have it make the Christmas light pop a little bit brighter. To have that nip of cold at your nose when you step outside. It gives more reason to sip hot cocoa in front of a roaring fire and to roast chestnuts in a cast iron pan on the stove (yes, I know how to do this and damn are they tasty). Add to all this- it just makes Christmas feel like, well, Christmas if there's snow outside to look for Santa's boot prints in. Oh well, such as weather here in Michigan I guess.

After my blog the other day- I finished editing and mailed out two big photo jobs. I sorted through 600 pictures to find the cream of the crop from the Sunday adventure to the botanical gardens and sculpture park. Plus cleaned house, did laundry, and made a wonderful dinner of whole wheat pasta (Hubby's new diet requires thou shalt not use anything "white") and I made a great Alfredo sauce filled with capers and marinated artichoke hearts. Plus I rolled some chicken boobies in pink Himalayan salt and wheat flour before sauteing them in butter and extra virgin olive oil. Tasty tasty!

Tonight I am making something from the joy of cooking book. With a twist. I am making a vegetable soup with beef. But instead of potatoes (another no no in Hubby's new food choice) I am adding parsnips and turnips. And lots of parsley! Well- maybe not all of it, after all the piggies do love that herb so very much!

Speaking of the blessed little squeaking beasts-

As I mentioned before- Hubby is on a diet. His choice. We have pretty much completely nixed any use of "white" foods in this house. We eat whole wheat, multi grain breads now (I like to call it- make you poop toast), don't really use potatos in anything anymore, and have altered our eating to include even more healthy stuffs. "White" foods are highly processed and bleached, killing anything good in them, and potatos are "empty" of any real dietary value aside from just carbs that make you're tummy grow bigger. I guess I'm also on this new trend as I am now taking the same green tea supplement as Hubby. We're also both taking powdered ginger in pill form to boost metabilism and to regulate our tummy flora. It's an added boost to the in place diet plan and since we cannot take the time to each drink 12 bups of brewed green tea a day, we are taking it in pill form. And boy do we both feel better. I think we've been on this about three weeks now and it's showing. Hubby's clothes fit better and I honestly like seeing myself naked in the mirror again!

So thus far, all is well. I still have yet to do any Christmas shopping, however the list this year is small as far as "shopping" is concerned. I worked my butt off the last month to make a present for both my brother (and his wife), and my parents so nothing is needed to buy there. I need to find a gift for each of my nephews, Hubby, and Hubby's parents that will be in town on the 26th. I know, I procrastinate. But with procrastination- comes better deals :)

Today, since the weather sucks outside. I am doing indoor tasks. I cleaned the pellet stove, now it is cranking out tons of heat. I have picked up the house, bought groceries for dinner tonight, taken a shower and done personal maintenance, am now working on the computer. I am catching up on all things SG, updating my current software programs, and hopefully will finish the most recent round of photo editing. I may even get to work on the novel a bit :)


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