Turkey Time Be Coming...

I kind of feel like this right now.... Trying and trying to blog but not quite getting there!

Our Sunday morning started off good... Until I went to check on the piggies. Then it took a tumble straight into crap. Goober was huddled in her house, looking cold and half asleep. So I bumped up the furnace and waited a few minutes to see if it helped. I got Hubby and we tried to flush her from her house. Then we saw the real problem... A fatal problem. I will not give you all the gory details, and they are gory I can assure you. We peacefully put her to sleep on our own, and brought her back home.

Then our coping mechanisms kicked in. Mine was cleaning and Hubby's was putter projects. Both of us trying to not focus on how saddened we were by the loss of our eldest piggy. One of Hubby's projects was to create a new living arrangement for Silvia, Callico, and the newly lonesome piggy Babe to all live together. Which thus far, yes they are living together, but they are also fighting a lot. It's a natural pig thing- a new pig is brought into the environment already established and the fights to find out the true dominante one commences. They will settle down in a few days and all will be okay. I hope.

It is officially the prep time for Turkey Day here at the house. I bought the last few things needed- incuding a 14 pound bird this morning. Yesterday I rearranged and cleaned, a coping mechanism, the living room for both both Turkey Day and the upcoming installation of a Christmas tree- that will have to be fast and efficient, so why not prep for it now? We are getting our tree the day before the Cousin's Christmas gathering- in between doing two Chirstmas Parades for Hubby's company, so saving time now by getting the living room ready is a good thing.

I just got done steam cleaning out kitchen carpet and the hallway into the rest of the house. Those areas get the most foor traffic and you can definetly tell when they get grundgy. No longer the case! After one gallon of cleaner, countless buckets of hot water... The carpets look as close to new as twenty year old carpets can look!

So I have not died. Last week was busier then expected both with work, prepping my photo portfolio to show off to new Photo Buddy, cleaning of my cave (office), I was borderline laid up with a severe neck cramp, which turned out on Friday that my C2, C3, C4, and C5 vertebrae were completely out of wack. It is never a good thing when the chiropractor says "You're neck looks like a Jenga Stack..."

A couple hours after my neck cracking that left me twinging, weeping, and tingly all over... I drove out to Grand Haven. The wind at my house was incredible and I could only guess what it was doing to the lake. My instincts were dead on. The waves were walking down the catwalk- that's about 18 feet above the concrete where mere mortals walk, by the way... It took a bit of navigating and hopping, but I cleared the blasting sand storm coming off the beach and made my way to a prime photo location. Where the rocks end on the beach... Well... There was water. I had to settle in behind the first line of snow fence and even then, the waves were licking at my toes. My new cute boots- totally not water proof. Found that out the hard way!

I commenced in to taking photos and video. All total- 15 minutes of high def video that you can only hear the wind slamming into me. And a grand total of 662 pictures. Less then a quarter of them are blurred beyond recognition- but when you have 45 mph winds buffeting you- what can you expect? I have a lot more pictures that I will post in an album on Facebook, and most likely a few more here as soon as I get them edited...


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