Rare, but Possible

Yesterday, while out running about with Hubby, I witnessed something that infuriated me so deeply- that it short circuited my brain and I was useless the rest of the afternoon. I was so upset I was shaking uncontrolablly and couldn't focus on anything but the rage inside of me- that Hubby was fully waiting for me to unleashed on the sorry bastard that inspired it all.

We went to the local Goodwill yesterday to see what treasures awaited us. We found some awesome things- like for instance an awesome mixing bowl and a large cast iron skillet for two dollars each. I also replenished my blue jean collection at a great deal!

Well- while we were checking out and chatting it up with the cashier- this creeper of a man with pedophile eyes steps up to the counter and begins to tear apart a book. A piece of literature! Literally, tearing the pages from the binding with brutal force. "THIS IS GARBAGE! THIS IS PEDOPHILE TRASH! DO YOU KNOW WHAT STEPHEN KING WROTE IN THIS? PEDOPHILIA! ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING!" He goes on to rant that he's made it is mission in life to get this particular book banned from public libraries all over the area due to it's "disgusting" nature. He furthers his stupidity but cursing the mere ideal that someone can be allowed to write such pornographic trash, and how that should in and off itself be illegal. "Unless of course you agree with the first amendment which is also garbage..."

I about came out of my skin I was so furious with this raging lunatic douche bag! But, not wanting to cause even more of a scene than this F*er already had, I bit my tongue and left with Hubby. That was this jerk's only plan. To find the book, rip it to shreds and leave, which is what he did- all the while a smug smile plastered his creepy, child molesting face as he left- gloating as if I cared!

What I wanted to say to the F*er: "Oh well look at you... You'd make your parole officer so proud, wouldn't you? Too bad you broke your parole by even touching the book. Do the kiddie-raper police know you are roaming the streets today, this fine sunny Sunday? I find it odd that your soul purpose was to find the one book that gives you a tingle in your naughty parts- and to further punish yourself, you felt the need to draw attention to your creepy self by destroying it...

By the way- you ignorant lunatic F*&@- the pedophilia you so beautifully got aroused by in that book was the back story for why the character was a murdering fool. Not to sexually arouse or coerce other's into the realm of molesting children. It was not an instruction manual on how to molest a child. Maybe your take on the book made you the way you are, but that doesn't mean everyone else in the world sees it that way! Since you are being a martyr for all those filthy things in books- why don't you strut you ass back over to the book rack, pull every copy of the bible down and have a tear it up party as well. Why? Well because dear F*er- you cannot admonish the sin, unless you describe the sin!

In your precious bible they describe not only pedophilia, but homosexuality, sodomy, orgies, brutality against children and women, and every other variation of sin in the world. And how exactly it is deemed a sin by way of describing each action! Quick! Save us all you stupid bastard!

And how dare you insult the first amendment! That little line of text allows me to shit talk your retarded ass on my blog this morning. That little line of text is the absolute lively hood of millions of people every day! And- that little line of text gave you the right to exercise your F*ing stupidity by trashing a book (literally), and also gave you the platform of the check out at Goodwill to open your mouth and be a genuine asshole in front of people going on about their daily business! May I suggest you go back, read the Constitution, and it's Amendments, and show me where you are allowed to be such an ignorant F%&@?

I only wish there was some way to guarantee that your insignificant ass was publicly humiliated and brutalized for all to see. I wish there was some punishment fitting of a raving, ranting, pathetic excuse of humanity like yourself to be allowed to suck in perfectly good oxygen that other's so badly need. Not only are you a waste of human flesh- but you sir, need to crawl back into your hole to hopelessly stare at the kiddie porn on your computer. And I will personally pray for the day you are brutalized by some fat, greasy bastard in a prison cell.

Have a lovely day- now go die."

This is why I didn't say anything in the store to the bastards face. Because I didn't deem it necessary to make myself an example to correct the ignorant fool's ideals, and we also don't have the kind of money it would take for me to be bailed out of jail. Because after I let him have it verbally- his ass would have been unconscious and bleeding into the asphalt of the parking lot. If he was lucky- he would have still been breathing.

Is everyone entitled to their opinion? Of-freaking-course! I take great liberty in displaying mine on a tri-daily basis here in the blog. Is everyone entitled to their take on the Consitution and the Amendments? Of course! But to bash it into submission while all the while supporting yourself by the use of one- makes you look like a small minded, one brain celled moron!

Please, oh please... Let me cross pathes with this asshole once again. But before that happens- anyone want to start a Paypal Bail Money fund for me?


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