Of All the Things I've Lost...

I missed my mind the most... Ozzy Osborn.

That is exactly what I kept thinking last night. Somewhere between Hubby getting home and dinner dishes being washed- I lost it. My mind, that is. Completely. And not in that happy lunatic, ranting crazy person way... But in that incredibly bored, can't focus on anything, couldn't read a book, TV couldn't sooth- lost my mind. I tried to focus, to make myself do something- but there was nothing but happy floating fog and clouds within my cranium!

I was so out of it, I was super fidgeting, but then again I knew of nothing I could or wanted to do. Playing Angry Birds was super boring and non-brain fart soothing- and I love that game! I love watching Hubby play that game, he enjoys it so much... But not last night. No, I was irritable I was so bored. Today I'm feeling that same mental sickness twinging at the edges of my thoughts and I am so desperately trying to not let myself fall victim to it again.

Which is hard since I have been up since five thirty this morning for work- which blew up- literally. Boss drove me to the dealer where an ambulance has been for two weeks getting injectors replaced- a simple (in a sort) repair but thanks to Ford Motor Company was sluggish, and stupid in authorizing the repairs needed. Anyhow- he dropped me off, I picked up the rig- and off thru slow moving rainy morning AM traffic I went.

As I was rolling down the highway- easing my slightly odd frame of mind by the mindless talking on my morning radio show- the rig went haywire! The video screen that relayed a video feed from the back of the rig started flashing, then the ABS, check engine, and airbag lights in the dash display started dancing. Then the emergency radio panel starts twinkling like a Christmas tree, and the recreational radio (playing my radio show) went all wonky- the volume out of control adjusting itself high and low, going on and off, on and off, dim then bright. All the while I am trying to not freak out as the engine starts doing this erratic chug and growl beneath my feet.

I called my boss, who was half a mile behind me on the highway and he told me to bail on the next off ramp. I parked it in the lot, and by this point- everything was absolutely fine, like nothing had happened. After a quick diagnose- we bailed. Leaving the truck at the gas station for the dealership to come pick up. Obviously they didn't hook something up somewhere and Boss said it kinda sounded like a high voltage something or other wasn't hooked up right or getting pinched resulting in my "electrocuting" of the truck when I accelerated above 70 mph. Damn. Morning wasted. So I punched out earlier then expected and went to the grocery store to buy ice cream for the girl's night with Mouse tonight.

Oh yeah- I'm THAT person that was buying ice cream at 8:30 in the morning. But come on! Hubby's favorite raspberry sorbet was on sale. As well as my new addictions created by the lovely folks at Hagen Daaz... Sweet Chai Latte ice cream and Blackberry Cabernet sorbet. On sale! The later two flavors on sale for 2 for 6 bucks! They are usually like five dollars a pint! Wahoo!!!

So now I am home, getting up from the computer once and a while to clean this or that- the house has been vacuumed within an inch of it's life, the filters cleaned afterwards in said vacuum. All the wood furniture has been dusted. There is no laundry to do, and thanks to this past Saturday- nothing to clean in the basement. So now what do I do? My photo editing has been caught up... Ugh... Boredom sinking in... Getting foggy in my brain.... (Sips some Monster from the half full can next to her...) I know! A rant! Everyone loves a rant!!!

Rant Number 1:
On Halloween- the local big box store was putting Halloween decorations on clearance and the fake Christmas trees were getting put up. Back in June- I noticed that the craft stores around here had six aisles dedicated to Halloween and Thanksgiving- cool right? Then you'd turn the corner and see the ten aisles of Christmas shit out!!! WHAT THE F???? In JUNE??? Try as I might, I cannot get into the mood of loving the holiday so dear to my Hubby. Probably because it is over commercialized (yes- during the Halloween edition of Dancing with the Stars the F*ing Christmas commercials started). Christmas and all it's bullshit is crammed down our throats form Halloween night clean thru the holiday itself! Then its all about the after Christmas sales. From there we melt directly into Tax Season commercials!!! But that is a whole 'nother story I will save for later.

Already, here on the 3rd of November, I can feel the nasty burning bile tasting of eggnog and reindeer collecting in the back on my throat. A burning in my chest the size of Santa himself that no amount of antacid can destroy... I do not stress over the holidays. I usually make everyone gifts since I am such a crafty gal and rather enjoy the visit from Hubby's family. The only thing I do stress about is shitty weather, driving 5 ton ambulances in said shitty weather, and the cost of home heating. But then again- that hasn't been an issue since the installation and use of the pellet stove in the basement.

I think I might be sick of Christmas by Thanksgiving... Thank you so much commercialized America!

Rant Number 2:
Recently our planet reached a population of 7 billion! That's a lot of people! Seriously! WTF? Why can't our country alone instill the mandates China has? You know- one child per married couple? Think of the money that alone would save us taxpayers! I know I've mentioned it before, but it absolutely sickens me to see Mommy and her six little tax credits in Wally-World buying more food then would feed a small Ethiopian village- then handing the cashier her WIC card, getting three grocery carts of food for damn near $50 bucks. That is sick and pathetic, and needs to stop! White trash are going to repopulate our nation. Bad tattoos(much different then the kind I photograph on stunning women), buck teeth, dirty hygiene, and all. Not to mention the illegal immigrants that make damn sure that their pregnant wives come to term and deliver
here in the great USofA, just so as their child is granted citizenship and all the benefits therein!

I get the "have a better life in America" ideal. But at what cost to us? Unemployment in thru the roof and we are dragging along thru a shitty economy while illegal immigrants are sucking up all the jobs at a dirt cheap pay scale for their industrial employers! That's why so many can't find jobs! The illegals have them all! And all the while- they are treating their wives like baby factories that mandatory birth control could regulate! If you cross our borders illegally- fine. But you must be sterilized to become a legitimate worker. That should be the rule! If you cannot afford to pay the rent on your double wide trailer- you shouldn't have the right to procreate!

I know, I'm a hard ass. But I am also someone completely sick of seeing the abuse of the system at the expense of my yearly tax dollars. But like someone said on SG- " worry not, the world will cleanse herself soon enough- and the weak ones will all die anyways..."

There we go! Another blog filled with mindless babble and opinions! Have a great day everyone- I'm off to find something to clean :)


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