Not a Good Day Make...

I haven't had the greatest of day today. Well- this morning wasn't exactly wonderful, but it has been gradually improving over all.

This morning- started rough. I didn't feel like doing anything. Then the text messages started about an issue with an ambulance from a friend. Sad news- I'm not responsible for trouble reports. That is something to be reported to dispatch, then dispatch contacts our repair shop and the issue is dealt with accordingly. But try telling that to someone at seven in the morning when you are already grumpy and they are complaining about not wanting to get into "the old truck" if their truck is broken. Ugh.

Then I stepped on Doggie Pup and Morganna. Then I spilled dog chicken and Alpo on my pants while making Doggie Pup's breakfast. Then I couldn't decide on shoes to wear today. Then I had to load all the garbage in to the back of my truck since today was garbage day and spilled god knows what else from a leaky bag ontp my pants.

Thank the goddess my day is getting better now that I am home.

I badly burned my finger Monday night while making macaroni and cheese for dinner. Stupid strainer shifted whilst I was pouring the water into it and blammo! I ran ice cold water over it for a while, Hubby was getting all the "trauma gear" staged for the repairs need to my injured digit, and while it was under the cold water... I watched the skin slough off and wilt. Not cool.

This is what the blister looked like las tnight after my shower and when I removed the bandaid. I swear I could feel the tidal shift there was so much water under there! I will spare you the gross details of when it burst today while grocery shopping... Needless to say- It doesn't look like this anymore.

And here are some pretty pictures I took on Saturday after purchasing a brand new, totally fricking awesome monopod for my camera.

It helps me not take blurry shaky camera shots, which Hubby joked- "Good. Saves on film..."

He's such a dork! But I love dorks :)


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