Plop Plop Fizz Fizzz

Oh what an icky cold relief it is. Currently I am sick. Wait- not just sick... Wishing I was perhaps dead, sick. Monday- I had a scratchy throat and post nasal ick. Tuesday- stuffy nose and wierd pressure in my ears, getting tired after doing only little things, and a fever when I wen to bed- plus that added benefit of having a runniny nose that prevented me from sleeping- in spite of the Nyquil (liquid coma medicine). Today- Wednesday... Oh boy. I have a plugged up- cannot taste anything nose; heavy pressure in my chest, and the burning fire death rattle cough. And since I found the thermometer- a fever of 100 degrees.

For my sickness I am taking- Emergen-C 3 times a day, Alkaseltzer daytime twice a day, Zicam gel up the schnoze-o-la 3 times a day, 2 capsules of Elderberry extract 3 times a day, plus my vitamens: calcium, powdered ginger, B-Complex, women's bone and breast health multi-vitamen, Fish oil, vitamen E, and vitamen C. I would absolutely love to take the zinc (Zicam) in any other form but the goo shooting into my nostrils, but- Zinc makes me barf- so that rules out the lozenges or pills. I am doing everything I possibly can to get this evil critter out of my body so as I can be prepared for this weekend's photo fun fest!

This coming weekend- I will potentially be returning to K'zoo land for another round of sexy girl snappy snaps on Saturday. Then on Sunday- I will be taking the normal, you can show these to gramma pictures of a newly engaged couple. Thank goodness it looks like we will be having great sunny warm weather this weekend!

This passed weekend I was a busy little girl! Saturday- Hubby and I had a bike helmet safety demo (otherwise known as laughing our asses off at the sports moms morning) followed by the -turned out to be not so surprise, surprise birthday party for my sister-in-law. The demo... Oh boy... I learned that when the fidgiting child you are trying to fit a helmet on won't stop moving- just don't say anything. Stupid me asked him nicely to stop wiggling long enough for me to fit his helmet. What I got was "He can't. Don't you know he's got autism?" from his welfare sucking, pregnant sow of a mother. I felt like saying- "Well, no ma'am I didn't know he has autism. I just thought his fidgeting was a side effect of you venting the fumes from your cooking meth into his bedroom... Stupid bitch!" I also learned Saturday that it is perfectly fine to wear purple, sequined Alexander McQueen aramdillo heels (think Lady Gaga in the "Bad Romance" video) to the local grocery store to pick up Starbucks and catfood. Those shoes cost more then Hubby and I make in a month combined, and she's wearing them to the store?

As for the birthday party- I had fun chatting with everyone and playing with my nephew in the fire fighter's confindence course upstairs in the fire department training center where the party was. I never knew I was THAT bendy for starters, and add to that- I overcame my fear of cramped spaces to get through it. My knees- however, are seriously bruised from it.

Sunday- Hubby and I took a trip down to K'zoo to meet in person, Kirin's crazy Canadian boyfriend- we'll call him TaoAndCoffee. He is hilarious, cute, super kind, and mad crazy for Kirin. LOVE IT! I took over a thousand pictures of the two of them in under six hours- with Hubby helping me as the wonderful photo assistant that he is! I seriously have to keep him around for photo shoots- he-did-AWESOME! And the pose ideas he came up with!!! Perfect, is the only word I can think of.

So far- the only benefit I can find to be as sick as I apparently am today is that doing anything remotely physically active about levels me, so I am being forced by my body to take things slow. Unfortunately- physical activity was forced when the road commision decided today was the day to fix the driveway at my work and I had to walk home. Sure- It's like an 8th of a mile home from work, but it's up a rather slow, harsh hill. By the time I got into my own yard- I was panting, coughing, wheezing, and about passed out.

Body not happy! So I have been sitting here at my computer, in my pj's, catching up on non-SG related photo editing, catching up my 365 project on Facebook, and writing this lovely blog for you all!!! Aren't you just lucky??? Hopefully after laying low and doing hardly nothing all day today- I can be well enough to go out into the world and help Hubby out with another helmet demo tonight in Lowell. He wants me to take some great PR of the event. We were going to have a "date" afterwards by going to the Mynt Fusion Bistro there in Lowell, but since I cannot taste anything (so the point of a new gourmet experience is moot) I think we are going to hit Taco Bell instead- I know what it all tastes like there :)

Wish me luck! I'm going to try to take a shower and get dressed....


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