A Little Update

Due to some technical difficulties (like I have dial-up and for some reason it's being stupid today), I won't be posting the Manistee Architecture blog until Monday. The pictures are pretty huge and so on and so forth so you'll all just have to wait until Monday for that nugget of greatness!

But, so as to not disappoint... Here's a little rant that has been building in my head for the past couple days now... "Do you smell smoke?" Nah... the rant machine back fired again... the engine needs a tune up...

As most of you know by now- Hubby, myself, our friend Globug and Doggie-pup took a well deserved three day weekend in Manistee last week. It was the first time Hubby actually put in for time off (even though he wasn't on call, he put in for it just to assure he wasn't bothered), since early August when his family was in town. A three day weekend. Not a week, not two weeks- A THREE DAY WEEKEND!!! I find it sadly pathetic that he has to burn PTO just to get three days, in a row, off. But the PTO thing isn't an issue since he's got more then enough to burn (we never, EVER get enough slack in the schedule for him to burn it anyways!)

It has become obvious to me why we don't take vacations. Because if we do, in some way shape or form, repercussions get taken out on him for it. Never mind the fact that a person above him in the ranking takes week or two week vacations willy-nilly, left and right (often without so much as a couple days warning he'll be gone), but that my hubby is one of three hard working guys that deserve a few days to themselves to recoup and spend time with their families (imagine that!)

The punishment for Hubby since our three day getaway? Thursday- he worked his usual 24 hour shift. Friday- he was in the office all day. Today- he is working a 12 hour shift. Tomorrow- he is working a 24 hour shift. Monday- he's working a 12 hour shift. Tuesday- (his only guaranteed day off during the week) he'll be in the office all day. Wednesday- you guessed it, another day in the office. Thursday- a 24 hour shift. Friday- in the office, if we're lucky. Next weekend is filled with holes as far as empty shifts, so I can only guess it'll be a repeat of this weekend. This is punishment for the audacity to spend time with his wife.

BS! Utter BS! This is why we don't take vacations, or have a social life, people! I'm honestly really glad we don't have children, so as they wouldn't have to suffer this crap. A couple of reasons for this? One woman went out on maternity (god forbid she wanted to start a family and no one planned ahead for this) She'd only been pregnant for how long??? Another- a loud mouth individual with an anger control problem was fired last Friday while we were gone. They both absorbed a lot of overtime hours that are now wide open, with no one willing to fill in the gaps. And I don't blame them- everyone is badly over-worked with no relief in sight.

I just really, really wish that shit would get under control. That things would be fixed at some point in time. That people wouldn't insist on making the hiring process a two month ordeal and just get the new hires in now, when they are needed, instead of making them (and us, the families) wait two months for relief. But- I can wish in one hand and poop in the other. Which do you think will fill up faster? At some point- things are assuredly going to explode and people will just simply not come into work or refuse to be called in on the mandatory list. Then all hell will break loose, and my husband, along with the other guys- will be put to blame by the hierarchy when the hierarchy never listened to them in the first place about needing to hire more people.

Awewsome... Frickin' awesome. Good thing I am a self-sustaining, independent woman. I guess I'm going to go carve pumpkins and roast pumpkin seeds now...


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