I Don't Understand...

I need to rant. I need to get something off my chest that Hubby doesn't want to hear anymore then I want this issue to have flared up once again. So pardon me if my rant gets a little heated but this chronic flare up of the issue denotes that this might get heated.

With a great grinding whirrr and pop- the pistons start moving and smoke boils out of the stack- ladies and gents, here goes the rant machine!

The aggrvating party- we'll call her Egg Roll (ER), has popped back into my life like a boil on my big toe. You try to ignore it, you try to cover it with a band aid, but the more you move the afflicted appendage- the more the pain annoys you.

She cannot clean up her own mess. Nor can she mind her own fucking business. It's obvious to me that I may never actually be done dealing with this woman. It was a wonderful year or so that she wasn't constantly calling my Hubby in some variation of a drunken rampage of rambling and crying. It was a lovely spot of time in which I didn't have to see her face, deal with her shitty attitude, or the viscious rumors the dumb bitch spread about me like the plague. It was a wonderful calm time that she simply wasn't around to blame me for all her problems, trying ever so hard to get me fired from my job. But now she's back- to some extent.

ER has claimed to have gotten her life on track. She's found a man (sorry, sorry fool) that knows what she's going through and is helping her with her alcohol abuse treatment. Good for her! I feel sorry for him! At some point down the road, I am positive that she will no doubt toss him aside used up and wasted like the other men in her life. There's been at least three, and rumored to be four. Poor bastards. Why in god's name would any man want to get involved with her? She's like this chronic cancerous lesion that no matter how drastcially you treat it- it will come back.... After a nuckear fall out- all that will be left is her, cockroaches, twinkies, Dick Clark, and Cher.

Hubby and I were given no other option then to help her clean up the remaining mess from her newest divorce (there have been three now). Something that she couldn't possibly be an adult about and thus, for the benefit of helping the man she fucked over (a former close friend of ours) we took it upon ourselves to finish the mess she's started four years ago. A mess, by the way, that interfered greatly with the honeymoon period I thought every newly married couple were allowed to have. But thanks to ER, the worthless whore, I will have never gotten to have that with Hubby, since a few short months after we got married- she decided she didn't want to be married anymore. And the dissolving of the marriage of Hubby's two bestfriends (and subsequent two years of bullshit at his work) ripped away any chance of a honeymoon period for us and I will forever hate, resent, and blame the bitch for what she'd done.

After our "cleaning up" of her mess last week (the arrangements of which were done between Hubby and her, far far away from me on my birthday- the only night she was available of course), I was ever so gently reminded of what a nosey, catty bitch she is once again last night. She cannot mind her own business and stay the hell out of other people's dealings without trying to fuck it up or start a fight between two other innocent parties. She read what she wanted to read from a note not even addressed to her, bending words and twisting facts to how she wanted them to be when she accused me (go figure) of being unreasonable. I think the bitch gets off on causing hurt and pain, since she know's nothing else. It's part of her nature from childhood. Poor you, ER. So you had a shitty childhood- get over it and try to be a better person. Oh wait! No! That would make sense wouldn't it?? Imagine that! Being an adult! I know- it's so hard, isn't it? Why be an adult and rise above how you were raised, when you can cop out and blame all of your life's problems on your childhood and failed therapy and get away with it?

I just simply wish that she would fucking dissappear. To vanish from the face of this planet so as she can't cause anyone else misery and pain.I would do almost anything to have her gone from my life forever, rather then go into an unsecure happy period of two years now and again to only have her show up. I would really like her to get the clue that neither of us fucking care about her anymore. She burned any and all remnants of that bridge years ago when she tried to break up my marriage for the security of friendship with my Hubby. Hubby chose me, ignoring her. I wish it could go back to that. I think the only way that will happen is if I get the chance to say all this to the cheating, lying, back sabbing, lunatic bitch's face.

Ahhhhh... I feel better now! Like a great weight has been lifted off of me. Now I just get to wait for the next phone call from her for the weight to come crashing down again.


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