Favorite Holiday EVER!!!

And ironically- I'm not doing anything tonight! What the hell right? I am probably going to end up staying home and giving candy to the 3 kids that'll be stopping here; gorging myself on roasted pumpkin seeds and chocolate, watching the 2 hour Dancing with the Stars Halloween special, and maybe helping put away the partitions from the fire department funhouse later this evening- unless I stay in to watch Castle.

Hubby is at work until 9pm tonight (don't ask...) and honestly, since a falling out years ago with a former best friend- my urge to party the night away, and get the shit scared out of me on Halloween has all but died. Each year gets a little more difficult to force myself into putting up the decorations. Well now... Maybe since the weather seems to be clearing up a bit- I might just gather up the camera gear and go play in a local cemetery... That'll be spooky, won't it?

This weekend we very productive here in the household. Saturday- all day- Hubby was home. And we utilized that to our best advantage. We cleaned out the pellet stove and fired that bad boy back up. Then we progressed into sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, wiping down, disinfecting, winterizing windows, putting away, and organizing the entire basement! While the floor was drying, we ran into Coopersville and bought bags of pellets for the stove. I forgot just exatly how damn heavy 40 pound bags of wood pellets can get! But... the basement is holding at a balmy 74 degrees and the house itself is holding at 70, with the furnace kicking on being set at 68, when it needs to. Awesome!

Yesterday afternoon, after sleeping in and eating a wonderful breakfast- Hubby and I went out and caught a movie. "Puss: In Boots" It's funny. I was actually snorting out loud in the theater a few times! We stopped at the store and grabbing piggie food and candy before heading home for the evening.

Then... Hubby cooked dinner... Oh... My... God.... YUMMY!!! We had slices of italian seaseme bread with butter, steaked cooked to perfection on the grill outside, steamed brocholi, and oven roasted acorn squash with butter!!!! I took pictures, but figured the veggie only peeps would take issue with the giganitc slabs of yum he cooked.

Perfect end to a perfect weekend... Now he's back to work and so far- it's just another Monday...


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