This is Me- Exhaling...

Views from the Healing Fields 9, 10, & 11th, 2011

There are certainly more on my FB page. I am also taking orders for those of you that would like a CD of your own. Otherwise I am selling prints.

This past weekend- a lot of healing was done to my soul. With as much crying as I did, it would be hard not to heal a little. I mourned those lost, along with who I once was. I was filled with extreme pride seeing Hubby in uniform, standing in formation with those other's in uniform. As of now- I'm just slightly burned out a bit by it. I will talk about it if asked, of course, but as far as expressing the high amount of emotion I went through... I need a little space and time for that to be spoken of again.

The Pink Arrows take on Reeths-Puffer: 42-07

That there was a whole lot of pink!

For the first time in a long time I am actually caught up on photo editing. 365 project? Not so much. I'm even caught up with photography gigs as of late. This weekend- remains to be seen but I know of at least one photo shoot I am doing on Sunday. Then I will be buried in photo editing once more!

It seems as though autumn has arrived- much like spring vanished this year. 50 degrees to 90 degrees in no time. Just the opposite has happened- 85 degrees on Sunday to 55 degrees today. Last night was the first night we kicke don the furnace and built a fire in the fireplace. Today I bought the fist of many bunches of Honeycrisp apples- my favorite by far! I think I might even eat myself stupid on the things today- (I've had four already)...

Since the photo editing is caught up, and filling picture CD orders will be done within an hour or so- I might even try to do a little writing today!


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