New Upgrades!!!

I am coming from you live from my new toy. A kick ass, jumbo huge hard drive beast I shall call.... Hmmm, well, not sure what I will call it save for "beast" currently!

I am also a bit groggy in the cranium from the pain killer the dentist gave me this morning. The novacaine is wearing off, my face is semi-frozen in an Elvis sneer, and the gauze I need to keep packed in my new bare crater is seriously tugging on the stiches the good dentist had to place... I hurt. I really do. So I am lying low- spilling Mountain Dew on myself when I try to drink it with frozen lips and trying to not focus on how bad I want a cigarette...

So I am going to spend another day figuring out and loading and installing and trying to not puke in my shoes from the Vicodan... Then I will blog. Hell I will probably start to write it tonight so I can get used to running Office 10!!!


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