Grand Haven Blue

It isn't very often that the surface of Lake Michigan reflects like a mirror...

Much less- let it allow you to see the bottom from the top... Hubby deemed some of these shots- "A Scuba Diver's Delight" Allowing us surface dwellers the chance to see what they see under the surface.

Oh the storms this weathered wood has endured...

I call these "Macaroni Waves" because a piece of macaroni would be the perfect sized surfboard to ride them.

Obviously- Tuesday afternoon was Hubby's day off and we chose to spend it in the fair city of Grand Haven. We had a few errands to run that were here and there, and also took time to lunch at the fabulous G & L Chili Dogs. Ironically- I chose a double chesseburger... What is it with me and cheese burgers lately anyways?

This week, for the most part, I have been an utter emotional wreck just beneath my fake chipper exterior. The evening news and primetime TV specials covering the whole 9-11 thing is absolutely about killing me inside. Of course it doesn't help that my emotions are completely out of this world wacky from Mother Nature's Wonder. Like I told Hubby Tuesday afternoon- "I am one gigantic exposed nerve and nothing is going to fix this until Monday rolls around..." he just smiled, patted my knee, and kissed my cheek- "I know, sweetheart. I know."

I love this man. I really do. Today marks the fourth year of our marriage. And I think things will only get better from here. And here- is pretty damn awesome! I will spare you all most of the emtional babble- but I cannot believe what a better person Hubby makes me compared to Ex-Husband destroyed in me. Hubby has completely restored and improve every bit of who I am today and I love him so much for that!

In spite of this being our wedding annivarsary- Hubby is at work for his regular 24 hour shift. I know, I know... But I'm not at all upset about it. It happens. I think some part of me has surrendered to the fact that stuff like this will happen and that there is no use for getting pissed about it. Will that stop me from getting pissed once and a while? Goddess I hope not- what would I have to blog about then?

To revert to 9-11 talk... This weekend will certainly be a busy one. As I think I have become the local 9-11 poster girl. Hubby and I will be doing a stand-by at the "Healing Field" at Cannonsburg Ski Resort. We were there yesterday to help assemble flags that will be place on on eof the main ski hills. There will be 3000 plus flags- one for each person lost in the 9-11 attacks. There will be name readings, prayer sessions with priests and pastors, and I'm sure at some point a share your stories thing. I honeslty think this will be both emotionally brutalizing to myself- but also theraputic. One thing is for certain- It will be one hell of a way to send of the final year in which I will stop everything to mourn for a solid 24 hours.

Saturday- I will post here for the last time my jounral entries from that day and the two following. It'll be one last chance for everyone to know what I went through on that day and the remaning days it took me to get home to Michigan. Next week I will be sure to post pictures from the "Healing Field"- I'm certain that I will stop crying long enough to take some great pictures.


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