Big cup of Hot & Muggy Soup

I stepped outside for a brief moment this morning at 4am, thunder awoke me and I couldn't remember if I had closed my truck windows. I had. And my goddess- did it suck outside! Having no personal experience save for day I was born- almost 32 years ago now... It felt like a womb outside. In the open air, it was so thick and humid and dark... Well you all get the picture now.

Speaking of pictures... I should really get to work on them. It's been a wild week. I essentially moved everything from my old laptop to my external hard drive, then waited. And waited... Wednesday I got the phone call that my computer was on it's way over to my house! And that made me happy! I got it around noon, and worked on it- loading pictures, music, programs... The works. Amazingly enough- I got it done (save for iTunes) around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon. I loaded it, my briefcase, my camera, purse, and other essential things and off I ran to K'zoo.

Why, you might ask? Well Kirin got the opportunity to have a set shoot by SG Lavonne, who not only is a model on the site, but is also a Staff Photographer. So I got to pick her brain a bit while she was in town. It was a quick and fast shot set... I was clicking away pictures of the set being shot (take a minute and think about that one:) and cat wrangling Molly. Kirin has a couple cats and while one is very off standish and hides all the time. Molly isn't. She's out there and all- look at me!!! I am cute!!!

To rewind a little bit (as to fill in a gap before the next story)- on my way to Kirin's house, I stopped for a bit to eat once I cleared Grand Rapids traffic. No- not in Wayland. At D Ave. I snagged din-din and got back on the highway as I was potentially running late. I unwrapped my delicious double cheese burger (I know, I'm sorry) and bit down. I was hungry- no- ravenous since I'd worked all afternoon not wanting to stop work on my computer for a meal. As I chomped my mouth closed- a blinding flash of pain sucked the wind from my lungs and I damn near passed out. Once I regained control of everything- I felt the tell tale throb of my long ago broken tooth. Shit. I know what that means... Double shit! I looked down to see that when I bit into my burger- it puked ketchup and mustard down the front my my gorgeous white, freshly ironed shirt I was wearing. And I hadn't packed a spare. I stopped at Meijer's when I got off the highway in Oshtemo, grabbed a shirt and a bottle of ibuprofen and off I ran to Kirin's.

On the drive North back home, my head was still screaming in pain. I couldn't chew gum much less finished my now very cold Mc Donald's food and I was starving. So I called the dentist office and left a voicemail. I hate the dentist. It's a phobia I have not just a dislike. I am fucking terrified of the dentist. I got the phone call back yesterday morning- they could get me in at 10:30. Poop. Hubby was at work on his 24 hours shift and my father also was working. So I called mom- she could go with me. We went to the office and took a seat. I was shaking. I don't know why I am so scared of the dentist- I just am. We got brought back to the room and they did the x-rays- yuppers. The tooth was F'd. And I had and infection clear up into my cheek. Great... Doc put the "pre-numbing" goop in my mouth and sat and chatted with my mom and I before breaking out the big guns. The needles.

Mom held my hand as doc poked my cheek in three spots, injecting the searing liquid into my facial structure. Then it was time for the big one. The huge poke. The OH MY GOD GET IT OUT NOW! needle shot. My gasp a little when she saw the needle and squeezed my hand tightly. "Now you'll feel some hard pressure..." he says while just in the lower part of my field of vision I saw the need coming towards my mouth. I sucked in a cloud of happy gas from the mask and felt tears streaming down my cheeks as he injected Novocaine into the roof my mouth. If you've never experienced the sensation- you are so lucky! This is the third time I've had it done and I do not recommend it. I sat there crying with my mom holding my hand while the numbing agent took hold of the right side of my face. The nurse patted my shoulder and stepped away.

After a ten minute wait, doc came back in and got the tools out. Being numbed up, it's a combination of fear and curiosity to feel someone poking and prodding what up until fifteen minutes ago was the most incredible spot of pain. Now I felt nothing. Then came the pressure. A pressure so great the inside of my mouth and my gums are bruised. He pulled and twisted and tugged for ten minutes until I heard bone and tooth breaking inside my own skull. He pulled out the remnants of the bad tooth and scooped out the infection before sinking in a couple stitches. I was then packed with gauze to soak up the blood and tooth chips. I got my bottle of Vicodan and off I went into the day with mom.

I some how managed to eat some pudding for lunch and wash down the first pain killer before my face thawed out. The rest of the day, I played with the computer and stayed low. Nursing my sore face and tried to not focus on the taste of blood in my mouth constantly. I got the rest of the installs done on my computer and figureed out that Adobr Photoshop really doesn't like Windows Vista. So I have to call kick ass computer guy to find out when we can do an upgrade next week to Windows 7.

This afternoon I have to do a run for work up to Hart, then maybe work on photos? I'm not sure yet...

Ugh.... I sure to wish the Vicodan I took would kick in... My face hurts... And it's sort of puffy... Suck.


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