Art Part 1- FINALLY!

Finally, without glitchs or F ups... It has finally been done! The first of two parts covering the art of Art Prize (AP)! For those that don't know exactly what AP is- here's a few facts. It is an art competition enclosed within 3 square miles of downtown Grand Rapids, MI. The only limit or artistic medium is that of the mind. Out of 1582 artists entered- 153 are from the ages 18-25. 39 countries are represented. 602 artists entered sculture or other 3-D works. 17 of these works have "love" in the title. These are only a few facts... I will post more on the next blog.

Sunday we found lots of parking right downtown at the Fulton/Ottawa ramp, parking all the way at the top for me to grab some great snaps of the cityscapes. We wandered about the Monroe Center and BOB parking lot- where there is an insane amount of art packed into one small area that serves alcohol! Amongst these pieces of art- was a massive bean bag that towered above us by about ten feet!! I will go along with the photo insets one by one. My descriptions will start from the upper left and go to lower right.

The waterfall like cascade of cds played musical notes when you walked behind it. Very cool, but very odd. The sculpture was rotating on a trailer sized turntable. "Ocean Exodus" was caraved from wood with just absolutely mind blowing details. This one is a definete on my top ten.

The first sculpture looked like a hand, until you got up close to it. Then it turned into a man. Mind bending, no? This was in the Steam punk section. The woman (shot taken from the upper level at Devos, looked so real... Then I got a shot of someone looking at her- that is a very cool perspective! The final pic in this set is that up hand made- cut up paper draped along the end wall. Massive and beautiful.

Some pieces were odd. Like the iron fish painted with auto paint dangling in a tree or the very guniea pig looking carved bears in the fountains at the Gerald R. Ford museum. Others- breathtaking, like the mosaic glass tiled venus with a heart or the demon craved from one solid piece of wood. Hubby loved the cast iron skillet map. "Yes, ma'am... I will take a stack of Michigan's- without the Pennisula- along with a couple Rhode Islands..."

A large dog made of scrap steel and car parts is the new massive animal feature this year. On the blue bridge downtown there are iron monkeys hanging above you head... Kind of enough to make you nervous on a windy day. There is the twisted metal rebar sculpture and hand made sunflowers adorning a grass spot downtown.

The rainbow piece of art is all hand woven paper coated in a clear resin. Stunning. Simply stunning! The colorful feather pieces were also made of cut paper mounted together. The painting- while looking rather 1-D in the photo was actually 3-D, with the "concrete" edge popping out at you from the frame.

The horse riders in the above mural are all cancer patients and victims the artist knew. And the entire thing was painted by dripping the paint, shown in the picture next to it. The stream rocks is another mural that if we had a palce for it and could afford it... It would be mine. Oh, yes- it would be mine! Another ttop ten love of mine there.

The artist shown made his ever changing work of art on the parking lot itself with colored sand he poured by hand. The sun, a paper cutout favorite of Hubby's made me think this- "Hello, I'm Charles Osgood, and this is Sunday Morning..." The half nude woman, titled "Red" is an oil painting that I honestly shed a tear for. It's beautiful. My number two choice. Number one of mine goes to the piece next to it. One of five panels entitiled "Acrylic, Resin, Blood, and Copper" Those are what they are made of. I loved seeing the reactions of people's faces when they realized they had read the word blood, looked closer and saw the blood in the pieces. Primal beauty at it's very best. This installation is in the Devos Place.

"Under Construction" is a real life man, painted head to toe in bronze paint that sits like a statue- until he moves. And scares the shit out of you. The praying mantis and butterflie towers a good forty feet abovbe your head, making you feel like it's next meal. And at the matis' feet, is this steel sculpture coated in fabric from an artist in Raliegh, NC. I loved it's colors.

The mural is made of clat mixed with wildflower seeds and the wooden boxes below it are to catht the seed when they fall. I love it becuase it looked like one giant wall doodle! The "eye" picture is actually the combined 365 project of Todd and Brad Reed- photographers out of Ludington, MI. And the colorful lollipop trees across from the Devos Place are actually cut up and pianted re-used water bottles. The just make you happy when you see all the colors and glitter!

I took another 500 pictures down at AP yesterday with Hubby... Stay tuned for the AP Art Blog Part 2!!!


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