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Art Part 1- FINALLY!

Finally, without glitchs or F ups... It has finally been done! The first of two parts covering the art of Art Prize (AP)! For those that don't know exactly what AP is- here's a few facts. It is an art competition enclosed within 3 square miles of downtown Grand Rapids, MI. The only limit or artistic medium is that of the mind. Out of 1582 artists entered- 153 are from the ages 18-25. 39 countries are represented. 602 artists entered sculture or other 3-D works. 17 of these works have "love" in the title. These are only a few facts... I will post more on the next blog.

Sunday we found lots of parking right downtown at the Fulton/Ottawa ramp, parking all the way at the top for me to grab some great snaps of the cityscapes. We wandered about the Monroe Center and BOB parking lot- where there is an insane amount of art packed into one small area that serves alcohol! Amongst these pieces of art- was a massive bean bag that towered above us by about ten feet!! I will go alo…


I just spent four hours working on a ass kicking blog with pictures from Art Prize, complete with pictures in my new Word program. It posted the words, not the photos.


I AM NOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!
I will try again later... dammit!!!!

Art Prize Blog Number 1

This will be the first of two blogs based on Art Prize this week. I haven't tyet added the photos of my favorite art works since we are going back tomorrow for more! Stay tuned!!!

A band playing in Rosa Parks Circle.

The Steam Punk Clan at Gerald R.. Ford museum

A photographer who's works were all black and white photographs of the people in Sudan.

You'll see her again... I loved her work! Plus I'll even add her name, since I cannot remember it right now.

SG Hopeful Lexer!!! We finally met!

The following photographs are my city shots... Stay tuned for more!!!

This is Me- Exhaling...

Views from the Healing Fields 9, 10, & 11th, 2011

There are certainly more on my FB page. I am also taking orders for those of you that would like a CD of your own. Otherwise I am selling prints.

This past weekend- a lot of healing was done to my soul. With as much crying as I did, it would be hard not to heal a little. I mourned those lost, along with who I once was. I was filled with extreme pride seeing Hubby in uniform, standing in formation with those other's in uniform. As of now- I'm just slightly burned out a bit by it. I will talk about it if asked, of course, but as far as expressing the high amount of emotion I went through... I need a little space and time for that to be spoken of again.

The Pink Arrows take on Reeths-Puffer: 42-07

That there was a whole lot of pink!

For the first time in a long time I am actually caught up on photo editing. 365 project? Not so much. I'm even caught up with photography gigs as of late. This weekend- remains to be seen but I know…


These are my airline stubs & ticket (that went unused) 10 years ago today...

I'm not going to say today has been hard... I will simply say- it has been healing.

An Addendum..

As many might know- I have spent the last two days at the "Healing Fields" and again will be spending a long 12 hours there tomorrow. I will be posting pictures later whis week from the ceremonies...

I was also honored to be at the Lowell Pink Arrow game. A game in which sponsors breast cancer research... Stay tuned for pictures from that as well!!!

September 11th- The 10 Year

Here's a little backstory for those that are reading this for the first time and for those that might not have heard the whole story. I try not to tell it a lot because it still hurts. In this posting, as is fitting for the occasion, I will be going deeper into detail then I have in a very long, long time.
On September 11th, 2001 I was to fly home to Michigan for a month long visit. My then husband was going to Marine Corps training at Bridgeport, in California for one month. That morning, before the sun even rose to reveal a day soon to be shrouded in horror… I didn't want to get onto the plane. I'd never before not want to get on an airplane as bad as I did that morning. It was the first time I can remember of ever being terrified to fly. My friend Ebony Litchard had to force me down the jet way to board my flight. In the journal entries- I call her Ebby. Her husband was going with mine to training.
The following typed up journal entries are in their entirety, the only edi…

Grand Haven Blue

It isn't very often that the surface of Lake Michigan reflects like a mirror...

Much less- let it allow you to see the bottom from the top... Hubby deemed some of these shots- "A Scuba Diver's Delight" Allowing us surface dwellers the chance to see what they see under the surface.

Oh the storms this weathered wood has endured...

I call these "Macaroni Waves" because a piece of macaroni would be the perfect sized surfboard to ride them.

Obviously- Tuesday afternoon was Hubby's day off and we chose to spend it in the fair city of Grand Haven. We had a few errands to run that were here and there, and also took time to lunch at the fabulous G & L Chili Dogs. Ironically- I chose a double chesseburger... What is it with me and cheese burgers lately anyways?

This week, for the most part, I have been an utter emotional wreck just beneath my fake chipper exterior. The evening news and primetime TV specials covering the whole 9-11 thing is absolutely about killing…

Whispers and Ghosts...

This morning started like a beautiful (not yet) autumn day should start. Heavy thick gray cotton clouds shrouding away the warmth from the sunshine, while a stiff breeze carried with it the certain to settle in chill in the air. Autumn is soon to arrive, but not without a massive hurdle to jump.

Sunday morning- the emotions started. The ten year anniversary of a day that changed the world as we know it as well as myself is fast approaching this coming Sunday. All ready the "children of 9-11", "stories of 9-11- 10 years remembered", and "faces of 9-11, ten years later" television specials have started to air or are being teased by the news networks. Teasing... that's what it is. Actually- its more of a toying, to me personally. My tears started to flow as CBS Sunday Morning aired more then a few segments based on the hallmark year this is for the tragedy of 10 years passed.

This, will no doubt, be the hardest and longest week I will go thru. Images from …

What It Stands For...

Today, hasn’t been a great day. I have been in a lot of pain from the tooth getting yanked from my skull and the pain pills only do so much… But I had to go to work around noon today- to pick up an ambulance from the dealership in Grand Rapids. My dad/boss dropped me off and after fifteen minutes of avoiding stares from grubby mechanics, I was on my way.
I stopped at Culvers (a burger joint) for a quick pick-up of lunch. The stammering idiot at the register spent more time looking at my boobs then actually paying attention to my order (thank goddess it was right in the end), but after I paid and filled my drink cup- I went to go take a seat.
Now- I was wearing a pair of respectable khaki shorts and my new black Suicide Girls tee shirt. Across the chest of the shirt is the logo. A cute goth girl in pigtails, drawn in a touch of anime style with the Est. 2001 and big pink SG letters. That’s it. No big deal.

While I sat and waited not so patiently for my food, I couldn’t help but notice …

Big cup of Hot & Muggy Soup

I stepped outside for a brief moment this morning at 4am, thunder awoke me and I couldn't remember if I had closed my truck windows. I had. And my goddess- did it suck outside! Having no personal experience save for day I was born- almost 32 years ago now... It felt like a womb outside. In the open air, it was so thick and humid and dark... Well you all get the picture now.

Speaking of pictures... I should really get to work on them. It's been a wild week. I essentially moved everything from my old laptop to my external hard drive, then waited. And waited... Wednesday I got the phone call that my computer was on it's way over to my house! And that made me happy! I got it around noon, and worked on it- loading pictures, music, programs... The works. Amazingly enough- I got it done (save for iTunes) around 3:30 Wednesday afternoon. I loaded it, my briefcase, my camera, purse, and other essential things and off I ran to K'zoo.

Why, you might ask? Well Kirin got the opportun…