Upper Class- My Ass!

Hubby and I did a demo at one of the Northern Kent county National Night Out celebrations last night. Personally- I was not looking forward to working it because, let’s face it, your broke a sweat while standing there doing nothing outside it was so disgusting a humid and hot. Nonetheless- I went. Hubby had everything set up under the tent when I got there, so that part was easy. Then it was stand there, look cute, and play nice with ignorant people. And oh boy did they come out in full force! Comic relief was in the form on my writing down observations for this posting today and joking around with Officers Mc Cutie, Officer Mc Attitude, and of course, who I was really looking forward to see- Officer Mc Uber Hot. Oh yum… He’s just so… so… swell. Anyhoo- as I catch my breath and stop blushing… (Clears throat and focus’ on task at hand)

I wandered around a bit with my camera and snapped off a few shots (mostly of Officer Mc Uber Hot), but not entirely all of them were of him. I snapped a series of shots when the guy was plunged into the depths of the dunk tank after a kid walked up and slapped the button.

I also liked how they did the National Night Out cake-

Now that’s pretty nifty.

There were distant rumblings of thunder during the first hour of the vent and you could tell the crowd was getting nervous. I was constantly checking the radar until I uttered the words “Oh shit” under my breath when the radar didn’t show a pretty picture. Then the sky opened up…

This shot was taken just before a massive bolt of lighting hit home nearby. And when I say nearby- the hairs on my neck prickled, I looked at Hubby, light flashed and thunder boomed within the same second, and then there was the smell of burned ozone… In the aftermath, while trying to regain my hearing- I noticed- hey, we’re in a tent, in a parking lot, with really big metal poles!!! No good shall come of this!

Here are some of my observations from last night. The original notes are in italics, and additional information is in regular type…

“… it’s an influx of housewives in their JC Penny, Kohls, and Macy’s finest casual wear, flirting with police officers and ignoring their children…” need I really say more?

“… snarky comments and looking for a reason to complain, argue, and then they turn and walk away when you’ve bested them with your answer to their stupid question/complaint…” one woman stepped up to our table, griping about certifications for her child’s babysitting class-“why didn’t we get a card? Who do we contact for a card? It isn’t right they didn’t get a card!” Hubby in a cool calm voice- “Ma’am- the filled out certification card is in the back of their handbook…” “Oh… well then…” She walked away.

“…something about the smell of hot, wet, concrete and asphalt just smells so good right now…” it totally killed the funk of stale popcorn and wet hair.

“… you can tell the subdued- mentally beaten wives from the sports moms, from the trophy wives, from the single moms- by how they look and talk…”

“…the social castration of an entire sub-class of this communities population- they all wear their free white tee shirts emblazoned with their sub division’s name. And it is sickeningly visible how everyone, even the police officers shun them or treat them with a pity that was completely palpable…” and oh boy was it! These people don’t live in the high rent district by any means and let’s face facts. If you get a free tee shirt, you will wear said free tee shirt, correct? I know the kids are all sickly looking and the bulk of their parents are addicted to drugs and alcohol, but why can’t people treat them with a little fucking respect- they are humans too!

“…when they ask you a question- you have half a nanosecond to answer before they talk over you…” and if you simply talk louder, so do they. Finally I had to say Ma’am- “do you want me to answer your question or not?” “Well, yes, but…” I finally got out the answer just prior to forcing myself to not slap the bitch across the face! Somehow she managed to make me feel both stupid and incompetent. Then I shut her down- I gave her the right answer. And she walked away.

Meanwhile… On the other side of my brain… As I wrote in my blog on Monday- something dark and twisty is living inside of me. Sure, I can blame the heat, the humidity (that vacant entity that can be blamed for everything) or I can blame the influx of bitch hormones my suddenly here monthly wonder has blessed me with. I can also blame stress from my Hubby’s job spilling into our lives… Whatever it is, where ever it came from… It scares me. I’ve had these snippits of something that wants to be written floating about the insides of my cranium and last night they kept popping out at inopportune moments- forcing me to stop, write them down, and take a deep breath. Hubby read them and asked if I was going to change genres and start writing horror- “Cuz that shit is on par with Stephen King, Honey…” said Hubby last night after reading them.

I will work on getting them written up in a cohesive, complete work and probably post them here tomorrow…

This is what the sunset looked like as we got home around ten after nine last night.


And I had an unhealthy obsession with how sexy my hair style I did last night looked. Now if I could only remember how I did that…

In other news- I finished editing Globug’s photo set this morning. Nothing like getting up at seven in the morning, brewing coffee, feeding the dog, and shooing the husband off to work- then buckling down at the computer for three hours to get it all done. I believe tomorrow I have another photo shoot in the works. I need to text the girl I’m shooting to make sure of it today. I also have to work on picking up the house, putting laundry away, running to the store for a couple things, and figuring out what I'm doing for dinner tonight... Busy busy day...


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